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Reclaiming the Volunteer Spirit

Reclaiming the Volunteer Spirit published on 1 Comment on Reclaiming the Volunteer Spirit

Congregation Beth Elohim Volunteer Opps:  With the advent of some great websites like and  organizations and individuals are creating a vast network to coordinate needs and volunteers ( in this particular disaster as well as others).

Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope


is doing some excellent work on the ground; going to Rockaway, organizing donations for the Armory in Park Slope and more.


They have an online volunteer sign up that reaches out already through next weekend:

Food Prep, Field work in Rockaway, Supply Sorting…

Sign up here:


50 Years Ago in Park Slope

50 Years Ago in Park Slope published on No Comments on 50 Years Ago in Park Slope

Many of us weren’t even born yet in 1960, but most of us now know what disaster looks like when a plane smashes into a crowded neighborhood. Such was the case in Park Slope 50 years ago today, when a United Airlines flight came down on 7th Avenue and Sterling Place.

It was the deadliest air disaster at the time, killing 134 people. One boy survived, only to die the next morning. Of all the people who perished that day, Stephen Baltz puts a human face on the disaster. Please read these two wonderful articles….

A Little Brother Remembers” appears today in the NY Times written by William Allen Baltz, Stephen’s brother.

In 2002, Wendell Jamieson wrote a piece for the Times called “The Day The Boy Fell From The Sky“. He writes of Stephen’s rescue and introduces us to the nurse who stayed with the boy in the hospital.

PS 321 Crafts Fair This Saturday

PS 321 Crafts Fair This Saturday published on No Comments on PS 321 Crafts Fair This Saturday

Been a busy bee this week making stuff for Saturday’s PS 321 Crafts Fair. The annual event is hosted by the PTA to raise money for the Park Slope school. This is the first year I’ll be doing it, but apparently it gets very busy even though there isn’t much info out there for the public. ‘Tis why I created a Facebook page for the event.


Anyway, between selling the house (not closed yet), the van, a bunch of furniture and doing a renovation and getting ready to refinance, I haven’t had much time to work. Hopefully, I’ll get some more done today and tomorrow and my booth won’t look totally pathetic.

Swing by if you can! Should be lots of cool crafters taking part.

PS 321 is located @ 180 7th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Hours are 11am-5pm on December 4th.


Resale Kiddy Coming to Park Slope

Resale Kiddy Coming to Park Slope published on No Comments on Resale Kiddy Coming to Park Slope


Lulu’s on 5th is breeding again. Brigitte, the owner of the two shops on 5th Avenue in Park Slope teamed up with my pal Ann Marie to open up a used clothing store for the kiddies.


Lulu’s Then and Now is set to open around Labor Day and they are currently accepting gently used clothing and toys. Ann Marie will be watching the new store at 75A 5th. She was the woman behind the now closed City Cricket in the W. Village. Ann Marie is lovin’ the Brooklyn thing!


The shop will include less expensive items from places like Old Navy to higher end designer clothing. Pretty much what folks donate. When I first walked in, I didn’t realize it was a used clothing store. The stuff is VERY gently used.

The best thing about the location is that it’s right across the street from Beacon’s Closet. So when your done shopping for the kid, pick up something nice for yourself.

City Gurl Sez

City Gurl Sez published on No Comments on City Gurl Sez


It’s so nice to walk the trails in Prospect Park and not have to worry about ticks and scary wildlife. So what the trail is like 2 feet long and there may be a rapist or murderer around the bend? It’s the best of both worlds!

Speaking of the park, did you hear that they gassed the geese?? What a fuckin’ outrage! It’s the talk of the doggy circles and people are NOT happy.

CNN on Kids in Bars

CNN on Kids in Bars published on 12 Comments on CNN on Kids in Bars


When I saw the CNN Living headline yesterday “Brooklyn Brewhaha: Babies in Bars“, I knew it was about Park Slope. Of course it was. It’s well known around Brooklyn that Park Slope is the land of entitled parents, but it was kinda funny that CNN decided to weigh in on it.

So yeah, in a nutshell, parents are bringing their kids into bars and child free patrons aren’t all that happy with it. They want to be able to curse and fall down drunk without someone telling them to watch their language. They don’t want to trip over the $800 strollers blocking the entrance and they don’t want to entertain the kiddies when the parents are otherwise engaged.

As an unwavering non-breeder (who doesn’t really go to bars much anymore), I’d like to put in my two cents.

You want to bring your kid to a bar? Ok, but here are the rules:

1. Non breeders and parents who are taking the night off are free to say or do whatever they please. Because it’s a bar, not a playground!

2. I don’t want to hear your little brat scream and cry.

3. No, I’m not making eye contact. I don’t think your offspring is the cutest thing on earth. Tell it to leave me alone.

4. If I trip over your rugrat while making my 12th trip to the bathroom and knock him over, I keep walking.

5. You better keep those diapers clean and I don’t want to see any spittle or snot or you’ll be cleaning MY puke off the chair.

6. If it’s ok to bring little Damien into a drinking establishment, you shouldn’t have a problem with my dogs, correct?

Ok, I think that oughta do it.

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