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Awesome Ebay Finds

Awesome Ebay Finds published on 2 Comments on Awesome Ebay Finds


What’s creepier (to this Jew) than a dead Jesus on a cross? That dead deer next to him is giving him some competition. Starting bid on this larger than life guy is $180k or you can buy it now for $1.3 mil. Read the description. That is priceless.


Whose kitchen is big enough for this? Not mine. But it sure is cool (no pun intended). Located somewhere in Pennsylvania.


Ok, so this gargoyle is $3125 and you’ll have to schlep it back from Chicago. That doesn’t make it any less awesome. Standing at 55″ high and born in the early 20th century, it’s the real deal.


Remember the clown-water-balloon game at Coney Island? Well, this clown head is from that game.

All photos are linked to the items so you can buy them for me.

Last Ft. Greene Flea of the Season

Last Ft. Greene Flea of the Season published on No Comments on Last Ft. Greene Flea of the Season


Ah, the end of the outdoor flea season is upon us. This Saturday will be the last outdoor flea in Ft. Greene. Starting the weekend after Thanksgiving, the Brooklyn Flea continues through the winter at 1 Hanson on Saturdays and Sundays. And don’t forget the Gifted market!

Me? I’m still trying to get rid of the larger pieces I brought back from the Beacon house. Oh, how I do miss the large space.

I’m just kind of putting together some pieces, but not painting/finishing them as I don’t have time and it’s hard to get the price for the work involved these days. I’ll have suggested prices on the furniture, but it’s “make me an offer day”!

The desk above is an old tool box sitting on top of porch balusters. We bought a bunch of salvaged balusters when we were redoing our porch, but decided to keep the original shingle design. I’m thinking $90 OBO.


Hey, whaddayaknow? More balusters! This antique sled makes a fab bench or low table. $85 OBO. Keep an eye out for baluster candlesticks and baluster frames this holiday season.

Other leftover stuff I need to purge:


This sweet mid century repainted coffee table has been sitting in the attic for a year. $75 marked down from $90 or best offer.


Ooh, I forgot I had one of these school chairs left. They were selling for $55 last year. Um…$40?


I have 3 matching marble/cherub tables I got from my cousin. I don’t have room for all 3. This side table…$95. Ask about the other side table or fabulous 8 cherub coffee table if interested. All Italian marble, circa 1950’s/60’s.



I’m on the fence about selling these two gals. They looked great in my Beacon house and they seem a little out of place in the Bed Stuy home, but I still love them. I’d part with them for about $150 apiece, but maybe not much less.

Come visit the flea! I’m usually on the Clermont fence.

Flea Find: TMRnyc Metalwork

Flea Find: TMRnyc Metalwork published on No Comments on Flea Find: TMRnyc Metalwork


I actually hauled my tuchus back to the Brooklyn Flea to hawk my wares last Saturday. I did get a chance to wander away from my own booth for a few minutes to check out some other vendors.

My “Wow, that’s impressive!” award this week goes to Scott Behr of TMRnyc. TMR is a metal work company. They do design, welding, machining, laser cutting….everything metal. And yes, much of it is recycled!

The “Swarf” tables above are re-purposed industrial scrap. At $2360 they are out of my price range, but if you have the bucks to spare, consider this: An elephant could sit on those tables and not break them (maybe).

Stormville Antique Show

Stormville Antique Show published on No Comments on Stormville Antique Show


The Stormville Airport Antique Show and Flea Market in Dutchess County takes place on holiday weekends during the warmer months. Since next Monday is Columbus Day, the fair is on this Saturday and Sunday, October 9th and 10th.

There are usually a couple of hundred antiques vendors (that’s a guess) and an area set up near the entrance for new stuff. Admission and parking are free. Vendor’s prices are pretty fair. The only thing I would suggest is getting there way early (like 6:30am) as there is only one road leading to the show and it gets backed up.

It took us moving out of the area to participate, but Reclaimed Home has a booth this weekend. Look for us in site #10, driveway 3. We’ll be emptying out our Beacon house and trying to cram everything into our Brooklyn home of half the size. Much of the furniture for sale is from our own private “estate” (I’m gonna add an LOL here just so you know that’s tongue in cheek).

The flea market inventory we’re bringing is stuff we never want to see again, so prices will be good, especially by the end of the second day. In fact, if you’re a vendor or just some hoarder who wants a bunch of crap, come see us on Sunday afternoon and we’ll make a deal for everything that’s left over.

Here’s what we have…(Bear with me. The only images I have of our personal items are real estate shots.)

Dining Area

That red couch is probably 1920’s/30’s. We bought it in Brooklyn reupholstered. After moving it to Kingston then Beacon and living with it for 6 plus years, the fabric isn’t brand new anymore. Good but not excellent condition. $300


Bought this Eastlake rocker at a shop in Beacon. Paid $350 and would like to get as close as possible. It is comfy!


See that bed? That was our guest room bed. We no longer need it since we don’t have a guest room. Deco. Decent condition. Full. If you’re not paranoid about bed bugs (there aren’t any) we can throw in the mattress and box spring. $110. We also have some twin frames and a Mid Century Queen headboard.


We’re asking $150 for the enamel table. See those chairs in the picture? We have 6 of them. They were our dining room chairs that we bought at Stormville when we first moved into the Beacon house. They never really matched our dining room table (which we’re keeping). Anyhoo, we paid $750 for the set of 6 and will take best offer. They’re English, 1800’s. Disclosure: Our dog chewed a corner of one of them.

Speaking of chairs, we have 4 painted brown ones that would match the table if repainted white. We’ll sell them with table for $200, entire set if ya want.

Antique wood burning stove from Beacon farm house. Needs a good sandblasting or wire brushing and some spray paint. $250


Mid Century reproduction lamps. A guy. A gal. And a whole lotta kitsch. This was actually from my cousin’s house and I have to do right by them. $175 for the pair.

So, you should come to the show. But if there’s anything you’re interested in, let us know and we won’t schlep it to Stormville for nothing.

The Hester Street Fair

The Hester Street Fair published on No Comments on The Hester Street Fair


Gonna be hawking my wares at a new (ish) market this Sunday. The Hester Street Fair is only a few months young, but both shoppers and vendors seem to be happy enough with it so far.

Like the Brooklyn Flea (Hello, I’ll be there on Saturday!), it’s semi-curated with a mix of vintage, crafts and not-your-average-sausage-fair-food. Hester has about 60 vendors on a given weekend and is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

My grandfather was a rag man on the Lower East Side when he arrived in this country. Looks like I’m taking the family history back a step. Wait till you hear about the seltzer delivery I’m hooking up…..

My grandparents are in their graves ROFLTAO.

Brooklyn Flea Finds

Brooklyn Flea Finds published on 2 Comments on Brooklyn Flea Finds


This Saturday I was back selling at the Ft. Greene Brooklyn Flea after an extended absence to work on my house. It was kind of nice to go away and come back because it made me appreciate it even more.

The photo above shows a sampling of upcycled light fixtures by Peg and Jon Van Dyne. It’s one of those things that makes me say “Damn, why didn’t I think of that first?” Because I checking out the market only for a few minutes when I was on a an extended bathroom break, I didn’t get a chance to get much info. The company is called French Vanilla. No website, but the phone number is 765-513-0255. No idea what prices are like, but I did notice that they take credit cards.

That large film reel on the right? Still has film on it.


Fat Dog Fabrication is living in this century. Owner Don Wood has a website. A rather cute one, with a photo of Henry the fat dog on the main page (He doesn’t look so fat). Don also has an Etsy store .


I didn’t get a chance to have a chat (another bathroom break) but I gathered from the internets that Don is a contractor who creates on the side. He uses recycled materials when he can, such as the pallet bench. The prices are surprisingly low for the quality, concept and location. $25 hand made concrete dog bowl/planter in Brooklyn? I think I spent that on a cup of coffee just yesterday.


Purge. published on No Comments on Purge.


Hey, didjya hear we’re having a moving sale this Saturday? Ok, so here’s the latest:

Address: North Avenue in Beacon. This is Rt. 9-D South. Busy road. No street parking. You’ll have to park around the corner on a side street and walk (heaven forbid!) back to the house. It’s within walking distance to Metro North and we will consider delivering large (ticket) items to the 4 boros. Sorry, Staten Island doesn’t count. Hopefully we’ll remember to put signs up, but you’ll see the house by the 2×6’s holding it up. Big peeling gray Victorian, stone wall, turret. That’s us. The one in the logo.

Time: April 10. 10am-5pm. If you’re gonna try to be cheeky and come early, we will put you to work. Stuff needs to be hauled and priced. We’re soooo not prepared for the sale. Go on, make my day. Come early. Oh, it’s rain or shine. We’ll set up in the house if weather is nasty.

RSVP: There’s a Facebook page that looks pathetic because nobody is actually RSVPing. I feel kind of sad and lame.

What we have:

Small tschotskes are mainly around $3 to $5 apiece. I’ll have some stuff on hand that I sell for more money at markets, but that will be discounted. Like you can have a $15 piece for $10.

Furniture: This is the sale where we get rid of crap. The second sale will be once the house is in contract and we really need to move. That will be the better stuff. The good news is the crap is priced to sell! These are items I picked up and wanted to restore, but never got around to it. Chairs for $10 to $15. Dressers $50. Bed frames starting at $30.

Old hand tools

Complete Darkroom and some other photo stuff


Clothes I’ll never fit into again but I hang onto

Bits and pieces for the crafty upcycler

Architectural salvage including a slate mantel, newel post, sink vanities, 50’s wood kitchen cabinets, antique cast iron wood burning stove, doors, molding, concrete sinks and tiles, antique double cast iron sink

Just…tons more. Tons. Hope to see you Saturday!


Antique Potty with porcelain knob and wheels. Come on, who doesn’t need one of these? Huh, huh? Yours for $40.


3 lovely Get Real Surfaces concrete sinks @ $ 65 apiece. Don’t need a sink? They make nice bird baths!


Completely scratched, but totally sturdy Pier 1 picnic table and benches. We paid $850 just so our dogs could tear into it. Make an offer (that’s around $225).

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