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Ground Zero reaction to Bin Laden's Death, New York

Close to 10 years. Nearly 10,000 American Military and civilians dead as a direct cause of Osama Bin Laden’s jihad. Two wars. Countless Afghan and Iraqi civilians and coalition troops under a President who fought a war that had nothing to do with 9/11.

This finally feels like the open wound is healing.

Until the next attack.

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9/11 Budweiser Ad. Grab a Tissue.

9/11 Budweiser Ad. Grab a Tissue. published on 2 Comments on 9/11 Budweiser Ad. Grab a Tissue.

This Budweiser commercial aired only one time on the first anniversary of September 11th. Bud did this so they wouldn’t benefit financially from the event. It’s really touching.

Now if only their beer didn’t taste like piss water.

9/11. The Musical.

9/11. The Musical. published on No Comments on 9/11. The Musical.


Yup, it’s true. It took nine years for someone to say “Hey, you know what? The September 11th tragedy would make a great musical!”

The film,”Clear Blue Tuesday” opens this Friday at the Quad. I tried to remain open minded while reading the City Room article. The blog comments were mostly negative and even a bit childish. “I was there and you weren’t” kind of thing. Some folks mentioned that art is supposed to deal with uncomfortable subjects…and I get that.

But a musical? I’m sorry, but that’s just bad taste. I refused to see Rent because I didn’t want to hear anyone singing about AIDS. (Ok, that’s not true. I was an East Village chick in the 80’s so my take on it was “Been there, done that. Don’t have to see a performance of it.”)

Anyway, back to my bashing this film without even seeing a clip. Oh wait, I HAVE seen a clip! And it su-ucks! So, not only is it in bad taste. It’s just bad.

Commentary on Local News Stuff

Commentary on Local News Stuff published on 8 Comments on Commentary on Local News Stuff


Consider this sort of a linkorama with a sprinkling of snarky comments from the editor. Lots going on lately and I’m sharing my opinion whether you like it or not.

The Empire State Building sharing the skyline? Hmm, I can see both sides. Surely, this building IS the NYC skyline. Of course we want it to remain #1, especially since we lost #2 a few years back. The other point of view is that the skyline is constantly changing, so deal. Well, this is true too! Here’s my thinking….The ESB is an historic landmark. There are many landmarked districts in Manhattan. Why shouldn’t this building fit in with this historic neighborhood? So, build a tower that compliments the Empire State Building. No, that piece of shit in the photo doesn’t cut it. Back to work.

So, the Ground Zero mosque. 1. It is not located AT Ground Zero. The site was a Burlington Coat Factory a few blocks away. 2. It is not a big fat mosque but rather a community center with a prayer room. 3. There are already mosques in the neighborhood, at least one that predates the towers. 4. Would you prefer a Victoria’s Secret? Really? 5. If you answered yes to #4, let’s just agree to disagree because you probably have some racist tendencies.

Habana Outpost is sooo green. Oh, really? Just your buildings but not your food? Too bad there’s not much on your menu for a vegetarian to eat. Never been, because the menu is so meaty. That’s fine, but I don’t really equate dead animals with environmentalism. I’ll assume the meat is organic free range, but I don’t see where it says that. You’re doing a good thing for the community, so thumbs up on that.

Ok, I vented. Feeling better now.

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