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Labor Day Weekend Antiques Markets

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The end of summer is near.  Have you gotten your flea on yet?  Better hurry!  Labor Day weekend may be your last chance for some of the best outdoor antiques markets.  Here are some markets close enough to NYC that are worth the trip.

Stormville, NY.  August 30 & 31.

Pound Ridge, Westchester. Monday, September 1st.

Brimfield starts on Tuesday, September 2nd. There will be pre-shows there over the weekend but if you have any time off left, take it to hit the main show.  You won’t be sorry!

Englishtown NJ Auction is on every Saturday and Sunday and is also open on Monday for Labor Day.  It’s a mix of schlock new and some great vintage finds.  Vendors don’t pay a lot for their spaces, so at least they don’t feel the need to up the price just to pay for the rent.

Ok, so Elephant’s Trunk in CT is not just a Labor Day weekend show either, but it’s a flea market must, so this weekend would be as good as any.  Only open on Sunday.

Know of a great big market?  Add it to the comments!

Pink Tag Sale!

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We just went around the shop and put sales stickers on the Memorial Weekend discounted items.  They are pink because that’s the closest color to red we had. We’ll discount them online once (if) we figure out an easy way to do it. But for now….refer to this blog post for sale items, ok? Remember, this sale is only happening over Memorial Weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Come next Wednesday (because we’re closed on Tuesdays) prices are back to normal.  If you’re away for the weekend, buy it online and pick it up next week.

So, without further ado, here it is!

The gorgeous marble top John Meeks dresser that is currently priced at $450 will be cut down to $350. That’s $100 savings for those of you who can’t do math!
Here’s another $100 price cut in the architectural salvage department.  In need of a fireplace summer cover?  The one above is down to $350.
We can’t go too low on everybody’s favorite piece in the shop but the deco dresser is $50 off this weekend, down to $650.

The mid century metal lounge chair that looks like a wood lounge chair is one of our newer items that are marked down for the weekend.  Originally $225.  Grab it for $185. IMG_8681As much as we love this reclaimed antique stove base coffee table, we really want to see it find a better home.  The $210 piece will be marked down to $150 as of tomorrow.  Come on, that’s a great price for such a unique find!


These two concrete planters (well, they weren’t originally planters) are friggin’ awesome and they do have quite a few fans.  Alas, nobody has grabbed them up at the original price of $150 apiece so come and take them for $95 each.

There are plenty more items that are marked down, plus almost anything that’s not tagged on sale is negotiable. If you don’t want to schlep to Crown Heights to look at tags, shoot us an email with your best offer. Done.

New Piece Monday

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Because our shop is tiny for type of business we have, we must move things quickly or it will begin to look stale in no time.  If a piece sits for more than two weeks, we get tired of looking at it.  Ok yeah, so we’ve only been open for a month plus, but still.  Here are some of the newer creations we’d like to highlight….so they can look great in your home and not in our shop.

The red desk makes a statement.  It says “I’m hot.  You will be hot too if you put me in your home.”  Simply red on the bottom and a troweled red and black finish on top.  $350

IMG_8949This antique stove legged coffee table (one of two that we have) was a Brimfield find.  The top was just painted black plywood.  All we had to do was add some fabulous painting technique to the top.  One of our favorite pieces in the shop at the moment.  $225


Phyllis grabbed this old plywood top, crummy leg piece at an estate sale thinking it was a table.  Emilia interpreted it as a stool, which definitely makes more sense.  New paint.  Fab fabric.  It works!  $150


This mid century credenza had partial damage so it would’ve been a shame to cover all the wood veneer.  We left as much of it as possible and brightened up the rest with a bit of orange and purple. $350

IMG_8927Small, sweet and inexpensive.  A lightweight side table with a heavyweight design. Only 75 buckaroonies.

Back to the Old Flea

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I guess you could say that flea marketing is in my blood.  In the mid 80’s, I made a line of earrings out of my mini photographs and called it “Ear Prints”.  I sold on the street in front of Tower Records (sometimes with Emilia), at craft shows and I was a regular vendor at the Columbus Avenue Green Market.  This Sunday, I’ll be returning to my roots with some pieces larger than the jewelry.

It was never my intention to go the flea market route ever again but I got a bit overzealous with my shopping and now need to thin out the store.  It would probably be a good idea if people were able to turn around in there.

So, if you’re in Brooklyn this weekend, say hello to Emilia at the shop.  And if you’re on the Upper West Side, come see me (Phyllis) at the market on Columbus and 76th.  I’ll be the one furniture small enough for a single schlepper to manage.

Is Shabby Chic Out?

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What do we think of shabby chic? Is it out? Was it ever in? When I think of it, I think of white paint on an antique piece.  But people are doing some interesting things with furniture in some other colors and I kind of like it, but then I’m like “Do I really like it? I dunno.”  And is there a difference between shabby and distressed?

At the shop, we spend hours and hours on a single project to bring it back to life. We fill gaps and smooth it out and lacquer it so it looks like a new piece of furniture.  We always have to be careful not to scrape or knock into these pieces or we’ll have touch up to do. Then I look at a distressed piece at the same price I have to charge and I feel like a schmuck.

It seems like shabby chic isn’t a style that suits NYC too well. I see it more in the suburbs or country homes.  New Yorkers tend to go for a more streamlined look….Industrial or Mid Century.  We like that reclaimed salvage look here but not too frou frou.  And definitely not white!  AmIright?  YouknowwhatI’msayin!

Anyway, these distressed pieces are pretty cool.  Maybe it’s just the name “shabby chic” that’s out of style.  The kids these days are calling it “distressed” now.  Or are they two different things?  I don’t know.  I’m just a confused old lady who hasn’t gotten her fill of coffee yet this morning.

Click on images for more info.




Mid Century in New Jersey

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New Jersey is calling!  Here’s a tip on a great new vintage home store in Midland Park, which is a bit northwest of Paramus.  Provisions Home and Garden opened just last week and already, I want to live in the store. No really, they have it set up with sundry mid century living room scenarios that are far too inviting for a retail shop.  Why would customers ever want to leave?

But it IS a store and they sell fabulous things.  Like that tempting pinball machine. $1250 in great shape except for one busted bumper.  The bumper is in one piece.  It’s the electronics that need some fixing.  In any case, I can’t even begin to tell you the pinball envy I experienced.


The vinyl floor mats range from $138-$578.  Reminiscent of vintage linoleum, they will be the highlight of any room.  Mark my words.  Even in a big, gorgeous space such as theirs with awesome furniture, my eyes went directly to the fabulous floor.


The furniture was carefully curated and completely clean.  Everything had great lines and complimented each other.  Some painted pieces are scattered about so everything is not monochrome wood tone.

Owners Catherine and Michael are from the area and it’s clear that they put their all into the shop.  For a place that looks so high end, the prices are certainly fair enough.  Less affordable than say, Goodwill, but it’s not out of line with the quality of the merchandise and didn’t even scare off this cheap bitch (frugal shopper).

Oh, and I know this sounds like an advertisement, but please don’t confuse my inspiration with a sales tactic.  They have great smaller gifty items for Mother’s Day.  Just sayin’.

Wish List Database

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Did you ever wish you had your own personal shopper that you didn’t have to pay? Well, let Reclaimed Home be your shopper! No, we’re not talking about buying your knickers and perfume. All we’re saying is that we’ll keep our eyes peeled for recycled furniture and house parts for you.

It’s time consuming and not very cost effective to travel around trying to find the perfect sink vanity, desk or pier mirror. We’re out and about looking anyway, so we might as well include you in our plans.

This is how it works. You email us a sample photo of your desired pieces, measurements (if applicable) and budget. We’ll look for them when we go shopping for our own inventory. Make sure to give us a number where we can text images so we can make an immediate decision as to whether or not to pick it up.

Don’t rely on us to find everything immediately, but we’ll do our best to remember you on each shopping trip.

Now, does anyone know of an app for this kind of thing?


Smalls! published on 2 Comments on Smalls!


Sooo, most of the smalls sold out during the opening, but ya’knowhat? We got more. Aaannnddd…now we’re drowning in smalls. Took a trip to Connecticut in the rain yesterday to visit Grace Napoleon of Folk Couture. She’s an upcycled clothing designer but she did sell vintage items in the past. She needed to get rid of her vintage inventory and we needed the goods, so it was a match!

Drove around a bit more while up that way. The result is that we have lots of great stuff but nowhere to walk in the shop.

Ok, starting to deal with the big pile(s) now….

Flea Market Season Is Here!

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You know it’s officially Spring when the flea markets come back…along with the allergies. Some outdoor markets tough it out through the winter. Special shout out to Green Flea and Annex Market vendors for struggling through the cold this year. Maybe one of the reasons Manhattan is still Borough #1, although this Brooklynite hates to admit it.

Back in the boroughs, the Brooklyn Flea is starting up again this weekend. All of them. I can’t even keep track anymore. It’s a fleanopoly.

Queens gets going with the Long Island City Flea this Saturday and Sunday.

No offense to The Bronx and Staten Island but I don’t know their markets. Anyone want to post one? Comments, please.

Upstate and Connecticut are “springing” into action again too.

The Beacon Flea is back this Sunday. Can’t beat that backdrop (photo above).

Nearby is the new Dutchess Marketplace, which I checked out back in March when they were just starting out. Huge space, great vendors but a weird layout. Mix of old and new.

Up the road a bit is the Elephant’s Trunk. Get there early! It’s a 7am-2pm market. None of this NYC late start crap. Worth getting up early.

Me? I think I’ma gonna hit the upstate ones. Wake up at the crack of dawn, put some miles on my car. Schlepp around aimlessly and get some great merch for the shop. All in a day’s work.

The Great Bay Ridge Estate Sale

The Great Bay Ridge Estate Sale published on 4 Comments on The Great Bay Ridge Estate Sale


Omigosh, the estate sale is this Friday! As promised, we have the deets available for you today so you can start camping out (Don’t you dare). Come kick it old school with us and pay tribute to the gentleman who lived in this house by rehousing his great collection.

Sale is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 24th, 25th and 26th. 9am-4pm. Early birds will get the bird and nothing else. Seriously, pricing and set up will be down to the wire on this one. We won’t be ready for ya until 8:59 Friday morning.

Address: 319 73rd Street between 3rd and 4th in Bay Ridge, right near Our Lady of Angels Church. R train to Bay Ridge Avenue or 77th Street. Parking isn’t great but we’re encouraging people to come back for large pieces as we really don’t want you dragging them through a crowded house anyway. We can set you up with delivery if you wish.

All three floors of the house plus basement will be open and everything needs to go by day 3! We’re mixing it up and going auction style on some furniture pieces. Starting bids will be reasonable and if nobody else wants it, it’s yours for that price.

Cash is preferred. We’ll take credit cards if you insist, but you’ll be the one to eat the fee @ 2.7% plus sales tax. Hit that ATM, baby!

So, what’s in the house? Here’s the Flickr set. Here’s the Facebook event page.

Gym Lockers
Small Tables
Albums and Books
Vintage Wooden Milk Crates
Antique Typewriters and Film Equipment
Old Slides, Home Movies and Photographs

*Prices start at $1 for small items. There’s something for everyone (except jewelry) as long as you like vintage.







Some Interesting Chairs

Some Interesting Chairs published on 3 Comments on Some Interesting Chairs


Yesterday I got back into the Bay Ridge estate sale house to check out some more inventory. I noticed an abundance in the chair department. There aren’t many couches or love seats that were salvageable but this home definitely didn’t lack places to sit.

Please don’t ask prices just yet. The plan is to get everything photographed, take notes and then price accordingly. Thanks for your patience!

Don’t forget to stop by! The sale is January 24th, 25th and 26th. Address to be announced. Add yourself to the Facebook event page or subscribe over on the right hand sidebar for updates.





Estate Sale Teaser

Estate Sale Teaser published on 9 Comments on Estate Sale Teaser


Reclaimed Home has landed an estate sale in Bay Ridge!  The home belonged to an older fellow whom had been living there for quite some time and yes, my friends, he was a hoarder!  The date has been pushed back about three times now, but this new one seems to be solid, so we’re making the “Save the date” announcement. Fingers crossed, we’re holding this baby on January 24th, 25th and 26th. Please add your name to the mailing list over there on the right side bar or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.


I went to take pictures yesterday and only got through 3 rooms of the 3 story house. It’s chock full of tschotkes plus Victorian through Mid Century furniture, artwork, collectibles and various oddities.


He liked his clocks and mirrors. Plenty of those! Some of the artwork is nothing special but the antique frames are pretty awesome. A good bit of the artwork is actually pretty special too and I didn’t even get around to see all of it yet.

chairThe wingback chair is in perfect condition after removing the slipcover. Yes, that’s a rotary phone and there are about 20 more just like it in the house!

I wasn’t kidding when I said “hoarder”.  Get that date on your calendar ASAP!

Pink Bathroom Stayin’ Alive

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The same pink bathroom that sold me on this house was the very thing I had to say goodbye to during demolition. I vowed that I would keep that bathroom pink by any means necessary and I’m keeping my promise.

As you can see from the photo, the tub has been saved. It was touch and go for awhile because I wanted to move the shower body over to the far side of the toilet, getting rid of a wall that blocked the window. That means the drain is on the opposite end of the faucet. Since one side of the tub is against the wall, there was no turning the tub around. I started to search for right side (or is it left side?) pink tubs but then I said “Fek it. So the drain is on the wrong side.” That cast iron is too heavy.

The only pink floor tiles I found were pink and white and since I wanted a pink and black bathroom, I decided to pick up these Home Depot black and white mosaics which will make the pink pop. BTW, Weisman’s Home Outlets carries retro pink and white floor tiles as well as 4×4 wall tiles.

I cleaned Build it Green out of their pink 4×4 vintage wall tiles. Got about 300+ tiles and still have about 250+ more to go. Astoria and Gowanus tiles have slight color variations so I’ma gonna have to mix and match. Now I can’t buy new pink or black to match because of the thickness.

The pink toilet that was salvaged from this bathroom will be installed once the grout is applied.

Looking for a vintage dresser today to act as the sink vanity. This bathroom will be screaming 1950’s when I’m done. A far cry from the Victorian bathroom downstairs. The one that has been too messy to take pics because it’s actually in use.

Connecticut Salvage

Connecticut Salvage published on 1 Comment on Connecticut Salvage


On the road again. Looking to pick up the last of the building materials this week as Passover week is going to be a non-stop work fest bringing us closer to Renovation’s End.

Have ye ever been to United House Wrecking? If not, you shouldn’t be waiting. This is the kind of place that makes me so sad that I live in a silly little brownstone and not a mansion or huge loft. I mean, check out the carousel above. Who wouldn’t want a carousel in their living room?

UHW has some top of the line architectural salvage. Stained glass, mantels, newell posts, doors. They have been sifted through and all are in good shape. This is where you go when you don’t feel like spending hours restoring the inexpensive stuff. That’s not to say the prices are outrageous here. They are not shocking at all. I saw some decent sized stained glass windows for $150 and a really nice antique chandelier on sale for $500.


United House Wrecking isn’t just salvage. They do antique and reproduction furniture and design as well. Everything is staged so perfectly. A card table with a poker game already laid out, a bar, a child’s room, a mid-century living room that’s to die for. It’s kind of like ABC Carpet but without the cray-cray prices.


The Housatonic Habitat ReStore (Danbury) is 20 miles or so north of UHW. As with all restores, it’s hit or miss on what is needed that day. Yesterday I was in search of tiles because I remembered them having a bunch of awesome Waterworks ceramic. They did have the Waterworks and it was a lovely blue, except I need pink as I’m determined to keep the pink bathroom in the house as it was originally (well, when I bought it, anyway).

While I was there, an estate of some great Chinese furniture was coming in. Some real antique pieces mixed in with a few modern day made in China.

I loved this credenza that houses a stereo system. The side with closed door has room for a bar or record collection. The price was around $150 until the engineer comes around to get that system working and then it goes up.

Today I hit New Joisey.

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