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Ulster County Antiques and Salvage

Ulster County Antiques and Salvage published on No Comments on Ulster County Antiques and Salvage

There’s only one huge salvage place in Ulster County that I know of. Zaborski Emporium in Kingston has a 25,000+ square foot warehouse off of Broadway. You will most likely find what you are looking for here; however, you’ll have to dig for it. Prices are good on some items, so-so on others. It depends upon what Stan the Junkmana paid for it himself. Layer up in winter….there’s no heat!

Check out the Antiques and Collectibles Street Market if you’re in Ulster this weekend.


Zaborksi sinks

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Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed Flooring published on 5 Comments on Reclaimed Flooring

5 years ago, we paid around $6000 for reclaimed wide plank pine for a 600 square foot room (installed and finished). And that was the best price. Maybe we had more money to throw around back then, but we would never dream of paying that much for a single floor now.

Reclaimed wide plank is still pricey, but many companies run internet specials. There are also smaller local mills that may charge less.

The least expensive option, if it exists in your home, is to carefully pull up the existing subfloor/planks and scrape them down, then reinstall. Tons of work, but saving all that dough…..priceless.

$6000 Floor, Marbletown, NY

Original Planks, Bed Stuy Home

Scraped and Installed Ourselves: $0

Companies Offering Internet Specials

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