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Hey there! I know, I know. It’s been awhile. Yes, I’ve definitely given up on blogging. Who reads blogs anymore when we can just look at pretty pictures, watch video or get the info from 140 characters or less? Reading and writing skills are soooo yesterday, man!

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! Yeah, 2017 is gonna suck as much as 2016. Let’s try to carry on like or lives and jobs matter. With that being said, I wanted to give you an update on Reclaimed Home.

It’s been a year since the brick and mortar shop closed. Happy Anniversary! Life since has gone according to plan, or something within that range. Sold a house in Queens, bought one in The Bronx. Funny thing about the Bronx house though. It was NOT a fixer upper. It was some developer’s idea of a flip. I know not to buy flips, but it seemed to make sense and it still does, but I’m totes ripping it apart and putting it back together because they did a sucky renovation.

Perhaps there may be a blog post or two filling y’all in on re-renovation deets, but I’m here to tell you to follow Reclaimed Home on other social media venues.

InstagramI can just snap pics with my phone and write hashtags. What’s not to love? This is mostly about restoration, salvage and renovations, but maybe sometimes food or new haircuts might find it’s way in. Oh yeah, and pets. Lots of pets!

Pinterest. I definitely keep this strictly business. Totally house related, plus there are separate boards, so you can unfollow if I’m posting anything annoying.

Facebook. Used to be set up to post blog updates, but since I never update my blog, I use it to share other people’s blog post. Some overlaps with Instagram or other social media sites.

Twitter. Ok, here’s where I may have gone a little nuts. Twitter has mostly become my personal site to vent at the incoming administration. It’s 90% politics and 10% what Reclaimed Home is all about. I know I should keep it separate, but I’m too lazy to start a whole new personal page, so I hijacked it for personal use. Feel free to unfollow if you don’t want to hear my rants.

YouTube. Every now and then I may post a video to YouTube. I probably won’t be doing much of that since I’m no longer blogging regularly.

I’m Baaaaack!

I’m Baaaaack! published on No Comments on I’m Baaaaack!


Seriously, who needs to blog anymore when there are social media options where one can write a few words or merely post a photo? But hey, I’m a chatty person and sometimes I feel like writing a few paragraphs, so here I am.

How you been doin’?

So, the news. No, I haven’t been sitting around eating bon-bons nor have I gotten a full time job (heaven forbid!). When we last left off, I was fixing up the Rockaway house to put on the market. Done and done. Four days on the market and some surfer chick/hat designer/art director snapped it up. I’m now just waiting to close which will hopefully be next week.

So, I started looking whilst in contract because I have to do this 1031 exchange thing for tax purposes. Hopefully since I’m inspired at the moment and have time to kill before closing on the new place (yup), I can explain what the hell a 1031 is in another post.

Suffice it to say, because of said 1031, I needed to find another property to purchase quickly. Yada, yada (again: deserves it’s own post), looks like the next project will be in The Bronx!

So cross you fingers for me that I’ll be going into contract on the 1899 two family frame that needs a whole lotta tender loving care from the basement right on up to the roof!

See ya next time.


Heads Up on Sales and Events! (Goodbye Cruel World)

Heads Up on Sales and Events! (Goodbye Cruel World) published on No Comments on Heads Up on Sales and Events! (Goodbye Cruel World)


Happy Holiday Season!

Oy, it’s been hectic over here at Reclaimed Home. If you’ve been neglectful of reading past emails, you may be surprised to learn that we will no longer be at 945 Carroll as of the end of this month.

Yes, we are closing the shop. It wasn’t a matter of raised rents or slow business. We’re not being pushed out. We are not sad. In fact, having a retail storefront was never a dream, it was more of a whim. Fortunately, the store lease was only two years. We gave it a go and decided it wasn’t our schtick. We’ll miss you all and thank you for being part of our live for the past couple of years.

Which brings us to sales and events.

Here’s the thing. We will still be rockin the holidays big time with our small handmade gift items. We’re still creating them and they will be available after the death of the brick and mortar through our online shop and at craft shows. Actually, all you have to do is go around the corner to Owl and Thistle for our upcycled smalls because they will be taking on some inventory!

But let’s start with the discounts.

Other than the handmades we still have a shitload of merch in the shop that needs to disappear before the end of the month. In fact, it would be nice if it was before Christmas so we can just chillax. That’s why we are starting to slash prices and take best offers starting NOW. Not everything is online, especially smaller tschotskes, so swing by this coming weekend or set up an appointment to dig through stuff in the back or basement during the week. You can see a sampling on This is an ongoing sale until the end of the month. We’ve discounted items but there may still be more wiggle room on some. Just ask!

Now for some holiday cheer…

Save the date for the Crown Heights Holiday Stroll on December 19th! We’re joining Owl and Thistle, Lady J Jewelry, Elements Athletics and probably a few more. Details haven’t been finalized yet, but like last year, shops will be raffling off items, having sales and offering refreshments (some of us, anyway). There will be a separate email for that one, but it’s definitely the 19th and if you’re around you definitely have to come say goodbye as the 20th will be our last official day at the store.

Hope to see some of your punims helping us clear out!

DIY Repurposing Tips This Weekend!

DIY Repurposing Tips This Weekend! published on No Comments on DIY Repurposing Tips This Weekend!

websaleflyerWe’ve been schlepping stuff up from the basement for our big clean-out sale this weekend and we’re kind of bummed that we haven’t had the time to work on all of these wonderful pieces. The sale is on “as-is” inventory. We know that lots of our blog readers are accomplished makers, but if you would like to dive in, perhaps this is your chance. We’ll both be around on Friday to offer suggestions and tips on how to rehab and repurpose these rough diamonds. Swing by! The sale is going on all weekend.


Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm


Prices will be LOW! We do not want to schlep this stuff back downstairs. On the other hand, we didn’t really leave room to negotiate so please be nice. ALSO!! Lots of store merchandise will be marked down as well. #MAKEROOMFORNEWSTUFF!

Here’s an idea of pricing…

*Chairs that need seats. $25+
*Light fixtures that need to be rewired. $30+
*Table bases and legs. $15-$65
*Table tops that don’t really match said bases and legs $20
*Ugly end tables that need some updating. $15+
*Tschotskes from the shop that we’re getting tired of looking at: $5-10
*Tacky Artwork $10-$15


Check out our Flickr album for more images. Here’s the Facebook event page.

Gluten Free EatUP Turns One!

Gluten Free EatUP Turns One! published on No Comments on Gluten Free EatUP Turns One!

GFEUAnniversaryEmailWebMark your calendars! Our buddies at Levine’s General are having a gluten free anniversary on March 1st at Freddy’s Bar and Back Room.

Come check out the awesome vendors so they can continue to spread their gluten free love!

·      Levine’s General Store Savory Yum Pieempanadas, Grilled KimCheese on  bread from

       The Gluten Free Bakery of Chatham NY, Kickin’Mac-n-Cheese made with imported Italian pasta from our Pasta Sponsor Taste Up Foods.

·      Kimcheelicious Tangy small batch vegan kimchi – almost as good as a Korean grandma’s.

·      Gone Pie All matter of vegan baked goods, chocolate treats…and, you guessed it, pie!

·      Krumville Bakeshop Focaccia, amaretti cookies and classic baked goods from this Italian influenced baker.

·      Polvilho Bakery Crunch into a taste of Brazil with YuPuffs, artisanal, baked and naturally gluten-free snacks. Addictive!

·      Smart Snack Bites Decadent confections and truffles with Indian spiced influences.

·      This Pie is Nuts Individual squares of Certified Paleo and vegan pie with luxurious fillings, key lime to chocolate mousse.

·      Sans Bakery Donuts and ginger cookies to weep for and other baked goods from this trailblazing bakery.

·      Cali Girl Bakes New on the scene, this Harlem based baking company is crafting classic treats like biscotti, lemon pound cake, cookies and more.

·      Brooklyn Porridge Co. Now in its second year, this pop-up is branching out with granola and other new on the go snacks.

·      Kulushkat Stepping out from their Brooklyn restaurant to serve up their kosher, and gluten-free Israeli salads and cuisine.


Salvo Fair 2015

Salvo Fair 2015 published on 1 Comment on Salvo Fair 2015

iron henge at fawley hill-filtered

Before you Americans get excited, the great summer salvage festival called “Salvo Fair” takes place in England. I got SUPER excited to see it’s going to be in June when I’ll be on that side of the pond, and then super let down when I realized I’ll be missing it by a couple of weeks.

What is this salvage fair and why don’t we have one in the U.S.? I can’t answer the latter, but Salvo Fair consists of about 80 exhibitors from all over Europe, sellers of architectural salvage, antiques, reclaimed building materials and upcycled creations. I know, right?!

Dates are June 27-29th, 2015. Check out the website for more info.

LIC Sale Starts This Friday!

LIC Sale Starts This Friday! published on 2 Comments on LIC Sale Starts This Friday!

2015-01-20 16.12.02

Well, that snuck up on us. With two days to go to the office loft moving sale, we’re once again scrambling to get it ready last minute. At least we’ve uncovered most of the items so we know what’s there by now. Pricing will be done this afternoon and tomorrow so don’t ask yet!

2015-01-20 15.41.07

Flickr images

Facebook event page

2015-01-20 16.05.40

Just what IS there? These are the larger, heavier pieces that need to go to those special someones with large enough spaces. This sale is perfect for commercial industries, props people or loft dwellers. Small studio apartment? Well, there are some smalls including dishes, mugs, mirrors, frames and curiosities but this sale isn’t chock full of tschotskes.

2015-01-20 15.36.07

2 vintage tanker desks

2 vintage traditional desks

Mid century desk/credenza

Some more desks (there are enough desks for everyone)

2 Hamilton flat files

Antique Remington Rand library card catalogue

Antique Walker Shaw card catalogue

Antique Hamilton medical exam table

HUGE bookcase

HUGE piece of butcher block

Antique mahogany dining table with 5 leaves in need of COMPLETE restoration

Industrial work bench table

Lots of lockers

Paper goods

Reeeaalllly old computer stuff, monitors and printers

2015-01-20 16.02.042015-01-20 16.16.24

Gift Certifcates

Gift Certifcates published on No Comments on Gift Certifcates


You let it go until the last minute, didn’t you?? You suck! Well, don’t worry. Reclaimed Home is here to save your sorry ass. We’ve got gift certificates. Any denomination. Can be applied towards anything online or in our brick and mortar shop or towards the services we offer.

Services include:

Various painting techniques for walls and floors
Customizing furniture
Funky backsplashes, cabinet refinishing and countertops
Salvage consultation and restoration
DIY home improvement coaching

Reclaimed Sidewalk Sign

Reclaimed Sidewalk Sign published on 1 Comment on Reclaimed Sidewalk Sign


We just finished our brand new sidewalk sign to put out on the corner of Carroll and Franklin! The thought was to just order one online and be done with it but then we remembered how easy it is to build things with threaded pipes. The frame was made from 1/2″ black gas lines and the reclaimed wood is from the back of an antique dresser that was falling apart.

We’ve chained it up because we worry that someone might take it for scrap metal value. #oldschoolnewyorkers

It looks kind of western with the yellowish exterior polyurethane but it’s lovely just the same. Yee-haw!

Recycled Christmas Trees

Recycled Christmas Trees published on No Comments on Recycled Christmas Trees


Before you go out and blow your bucks on a previously living thing that was cut down in the prime of it’s life, that sheds needles around your house, something that you have to drag out to the compost 5 days after purchase, think about doing something more sustainable and creative. There are many ways to make a Christmas tree out of recycled materials. Here are just a few.





Recycled Drawer Shelves

Recycled Drawer Shelves published on No Comments on Recycled Drawer Shelves



A couple of months ago we purchased a gorgeous early 19th century dresser that was unfortunately a bit too far gone for restoration. The drawers were in good condition, but the frame was falling apart. Furthermore, we thought that the interior wood in the drawers was too beautiful to be hidden. We sat with those drawers for awhile until we decided that they’d best work as shelves.

Since there is no such thing as a new creation, all we had to do was pinterest (Can that be a verb like to “google”?) some ideas and figure out if we wanted them staggered or straight, yada, yada. Due to our lack of patience and not wanting to run to the hardware store for brackets or support, we followed DIY videos that showed folks popping screws directing into the drawer backs to secure them to the walls. (*Tip: Use anchors in the wall!)


We’re not crazy about this technique. First, you’re adding holes to the most conspicuous area. Second, objects will be sitting on the top and bottom, so you’re relying on that drawer being held together properly. That being said, a bracket on the bottom would be viewable also, so what to do? We added some extra nails and glue to the drawers that we didn’t wait for to dry (in other words, useless) before installation.

For a finished look, the screw holes should be filled. Did we do that? What do you think? It’s a friggin store display!

But it looks nice anyway, right?


Ready for the Holidays!

Ready for the Holidays! published on No Comments on Ready for the Holidays!


Fork Hooks. $55

Now we understand why retailers start gearing up for the holidays as soon as the leaves start turning color. As early as August, we’ve been worrying about not having enough gifty items or having too much small stock. Being it’s our first year in business, we don’t know what to expect.

Since we’re not sure that the Crown Heights shop will bring in loads of people, we’ve signed up for some craft shows and holiday markets. Ok, that’s a lie. We only have ONE confirmed show and that’s BUST Craftacular. We’re still figuring out what else we want to do. Yeah, we’re cutting it close since it’s almost November already, but then the event promoters are taking their time getting info together too.

Here’s a preview of some of our handmade gift items. We’ll have to make a ton more if we’re to stock multiple venues plus do online sales, but we can eat and sleep after the holiday season.


Vintage Candlestick Menorah. $90


Double Light Switch Plate. $10. (not online yet)


Clockface with Double Glass Hooks. $40


Found Object Double Hook. $50


Door Knob Coat Hook. $50IMG_9871 Found Object Face Art. $50IMG_9870 Upcycled Typeset Block Triple Hooks. $75IMG_9867 Industrial Metal Candle Holder. $40IMG_9863

Antique Auto Triple Nail Hook. $55 

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