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Alpine and Jasper: A Love Story?

Alpine and Jasper: A Love Story? published on 6 Comments on Alpine and Jasper: A Love Story?



Before the Bed Stuy house, we never found anything of value during our renovations. When we started demo on the 4th floor, we discovered a cubby hole that had been closed off for years. What we found in there was a woman’s trash, but the cool thing was that it was trash from the 1940’s.

As we pored over stacks of love letters, newspapers and miscellaneous garbage, we gathered that the woman was probably renting the room when this was a boarding house. Judging from the hair care products, we guessed she was African American. Judging from the letters, liquor bottles and fishnet stockings, we suspected she may have been a bit of a wild one.

Most of the letters were from Private Jasper, who was getting moved around during the war, but was never in combat. The correspondence went on for about three years. Many of the letters were the same: “I miss you.” “Stay Sweet.” It’s clear from the final letters that Alpine stopped writing back to Jasper and he gave up on her, brokenhearted.

We did a search on the internet, but couldn’t find either of them. Perhaps they’re no longer with us or perhaps we didn’t have the time to try harder. We archived the letters and war time newspapers and I plan on using a few of them in a resin countertop so Alpine and Jasper can keep a place in the history of our home.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement published on 3 Comments on Mission Statement



We here at Reclaimed Home intend to focus our attention on 4 different subjects:

1. Affordable Real Estate in the Tri-State Area
2. DIY Renovations
3. Green Building
4. Old Home Preservation and Restoration

Obviously, not every restoration can be green and not every real estate porn property is affordable, but we’ll aim to stay on track. It’s all about presenting options and ideas. Since we split our time between Bed Stuy, Brooklyn and Beacon, NY, you’ll probably see lots of posts on these areas.

The site will have 5 sections:

1. The Blog: We’re the life of the party
2. The Forum: You’re the life of the party
3. The Store: Sustainable items for your home
4. The Listings: Our FSBO listing service includes individual web pages.
5. About Page: All about us. The life of the party.

We’re working on it!

We’re working on it! published on 1 Comment on We’re working on it!


Reclaimed Home will officially launch on September 12th. We’ll be concentrating on affordable real estate in the Tri-state area, old home restoration and green renovation.

Please notify us if you would like to be put on our mailing list. We’ll send you an invite to our virtual opening bash.

You can visit our booth at Brownstoner’s Salvage Fest on September 8th at PS 11 in Clinton Hill. That’s Washington between Greene and Gates.

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