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Pitbull Kisses and More

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 Poop Bag Dispenser

Come check out the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue Fall Event this Sunday, September 14th in Gowanus! The festivities kick off at 11am on President Street between Nevins and 3rd.

There will be a Pitbull kissing booth, dog selfies, training advice and plenty of vendors with food and handmade goodies…including us. We’re bringing lots of pet related items such as the ones shown here, so do stop by and say hello!


Litterbox Cabinet. $275


Upcycled Chair Raised Dog Dishes $125 pair


Repurposed Bookcase Dog Bed. $185


Double Leash Hook. $50

Badass Fall Festival!

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We are delighted to announce that Reclaimed Home will be participating in the Badass Fall Festival taking place in Gowanus on September 14th. For those of you not in the doggie world know, Badass is a non profit rescue group that takes dogs from high kills shelters in the south and brings them up here. The volunteers come in all forms, from transporters to publicity to fosters to adoption event workers and on and on.

The Fall Festival will have food and drink, raffles, doggy activities and even a Pitbull kissing booth!  Oh yeah, and crafts vendors, which is where we come in.

Sunday, 9/14, y’all! Bring your dogs!

West Indian Carnival Schedule

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Anyone living near Crown Heights knows that Labor Day means it’s time for the Caribbean pride festival known as the West Indian Parade.  If you haven’t been, that’s the one where people out dress and out dance the Mermaid Parade by a long shot.  For most New Yorkers, it’s something like Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  We stay away.

The festivities start today and culminate with Monday’s parade down Eastern Parkway. The Brooklyn Museum (our neighbor up the street) acts as a hub for the entire gig; hence, Reclaimed Home will be closed Saturday through Monday as this is right in our backyard and we feel that it will not only be crazy hectic, but nobody will be able to get through the traffic to load large pieces into their vehicles.

If you do decide to venture out to the parade or any of the weekend events, it’s worth the trip and don’t forget to bring your camera! Even I, a jaded native New Yorker, did go once…which is more than I can say for New Year’s Eve in Times Square.  I also went to the Mermaid Parade two whole times! But that was back when it first started and only included a few eccentrics.

I digress.

Here’s the schedule of events for West Indian pride:

Thursday, August 28th: Caribbean Woodstock. 7pm-1am. Tickets $30
Featuring Skinny Banton, Problem Child, Mikey, Zouk and the Gang and more.

Friday, August 29: Stay in School Youth Fest. 11am-3pm. Free
Talent show-case highlighting the leaders of tomorrow as they perform hip-hop, dance, steel-pan, karate, fashion, spoken word and much more. This event is meant to encourage young people to pursue higher education and develop their talents.

Friday, August 29th: Brass Fest. 6pm-3am. Tickets are $55
Featuring Machel Montano HD, Patrice Roberts, Farmer Nappy, more.

Saturday, August 30th: Kiddies Carnival 9am-3pm. Free
Featuring a whole bunch of cuteness along with tired parents who stayed out the entire night before.

Saturday, August 30th: Steel Band Panorama. 8pm start. Tickets are $45.
Competitive steel-pan showdown for the 2014 Panorama Championship crown!

Sunday, August 31st: Dimanche Gras. Doors open at 6pm. Tickets are $40
The final concert features the King and Queen of the bands competition and winners from previous nights. Performances from The Mighty Sparrow, King David Rudder, Lord Nelson and more.

Monday, September 1st. The Parade. 11am-6pm on Eastern Parkway from Schenectady to Flatbush. Free

Silent Auction This Wednesday!

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Ah, auction week is upon us.  In preparation, we have enough new merchandise so you can’t turn around in the shop if there are more than three people.  Eggggcelllent.  The plan is to empty the store completely of the older pieces.  So, are you in?

Refreshments will be served and 10% discounts will be offered on ALL items in the shop!  If you can’t make it, try contacting us on Thursday to see if your desired item is still available.  We probably won’t be able to monitor online and phone-in bids during the auction.

Here’s a taste of what’s up for sale.  If nobody else bids, you get it for the starting price.


Mid Century Hutch.   One of the items that is just too big and adult-like for many NYC apartments.  It’s too big for our shop also!


Antique Stove Base Coffee Table.  Speaking of too big, everybody loves this table and nobody has room for it! Got a back yard? Use it as a bench or planter.  It’s very versatile!


Mid Century Metal Patio Set.  And speaking of back yard….got one?  This lightweight outdoor furniture folds up for easy storage in a corner, which is why it hasn’t sold.  Nobody sees it in the shop.


Cherub Grotto.  Tacky is the new chic!  Come on, you can’t go wrong for 25 bucks.


Hand Made Veneer Shelves.  The one brand new piece we have in the store and not a soul has seen it in person because we’re using it behind the desk.  Someone put a lot of work into this sweet little thing.


Mid Century TV Cabinet. We can’t go too low on pieces that we worked on but this came to us inexpensively and didn’t take too long to finish.


Antique Child’s Desk.  We love it but we bought it for a good price, so we can pass the savings along.


Mid Century Atomic Enamel Cookware. They are the coolest things ever but four pots actually take up quite a bit of real estate in a shop of our size.

Ok, that’s all you’re getting for now.  We said a “taste”.  You have to get over to the shop on Wednesday evening to partake in the full menu.  Hope to see you there! And don’t get lost!

Reclaimed Weddings

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About a month ago when the retail summer blues hit us at the shop, we came up with an idea to create some wedding merchandise.  We went as far as making a Pinterest board on the subject and then thankfully got busy and never got around to executing the plan.

This week got us excited about weddings again when we received a frantic phone call from a maid of honor who had seen an Eastlake mirror of ours online. She wanted it painted white to present the seating chart.  No problem, apart from the heartbreak of painting over the original wood.


She needed a way to display it as well, which became more of a task.  Now… that one can of ivory spray paint we had in the shop wouldn’t be enough, nor did we have a display.  I searched online for a vintage easel then went out to pick up more paint. Four paint stores later and nearly killing a cyclist (HE ran into ME!), I had to go with a new color and repaint the entire mirror.

Ran over to pick up a Craigslist easel in Bushwick at 7am yesterday before the seller left for work.  Have you ever painted an easel?  It’s a pain in the ass with all of those moving parts.  Plus, she was coming to pick it up and we didn’t have enough time to let the paint dry.  All’s well that ends well.  Let’s just say she ended up with a tub of touch up paint that she’ll be placing with the emergency wedding kit.

All this reminded me of my wedding photography days and how stressful and all-consuming weddings can be.  But I loved it!

This was our official introduction to our reclaimed wedding offerings.  Maybe next time we’ll be more prepared.  Or at least have enough warning!

Some items from the Pinterest board that we like:






Schmoozefest and Silent Auction

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Our first event!  We’re starting with an easy one.  Boozing and bids.  Sangria and snacks.  On Wednesday, July 30th, you’re invited to stop by the shop to say hello to your fellow neighbors.  We decided on a meet and greet mixer because there are so many new faces moving to the neighborhood, we thought it might be fun to have them compare notes and get tips from the old timers.

As far as festivities go, we’ll be holding a silent auction on newer pieces and some older ones that will have verrry low starting bids.

Sorry, we can’t fill you in on what’s on offer because even we don’t know yet.  Just save the date, will ya? Here’s the Facebook event page.

Future Events and Classes!

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Image stolen from Make Things Beautiful

The vacations are over and we’ve had our first official business meeting of the summer.  We came up with some solid ideas for events and classes but no dates are set yet.  These will take place on Thursday evenings about 6:30pm-8pm. We’re thinking that the first event will happen July 4th weekend and it will probably be a meet and greet.

Here it is:

1. Schmooze and Booze. We’ll be pulling out the leftover wine from our opening for this one! It’s kind of a “Welcome to the neighborhood/Congrats on your move/new house/kvetch about renovation/etc etc” fest.  There will be a $10 charge to cover refreshments and raffles.

2. Art Under $100 Show. This includes vintage prints and posters as well as contemporary work.

3. Recycled Art Show. Not necessarily under $100 but we’ll celebrate emerging artists who use reclaimed materials.

4. Country Auction. Will include booze so folks bid higher.  Needs no explanation.  Ya know, an auction. With booze.

5. 3 Week DIY Class. Our first DIY 3 session class will cover techniques such as wood graining, stenciling, troweling, textured surfaces and photo transfers.  Participants will walk away with at least one finished creation and the knowledge to do these techniques in their own homes.  We’ll also cover how to make items with found objects and embellishments.

6. Renovation Coaching. This idea is still fuzzy but we’re contemplating a membership program rather than work for hire. The lowest level benefits from an email consultation whereas the highest level would get home visits and so on. Still working that one out.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Please add yourselves to our mailing list if you want to be “invited”.

Weekend Events

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Last weekend in May and the weather is still cool enough to enjoy it.  What’s going on, you ask?  We’ll tell you.

First, us.  Reclaimed Home will be selling at Crafts in Chelsea this Saturday,  May 31st. The crafty street fair takes place on 21st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues from 11am-4pm.  It’s a benefit for PS 11 and it’s always a good time!  Our Crown Heights shop will remain open on Saturday, of course, because we can chew gum and walk at the same time.  We may trip, but we can.


On Sunday, June 1st, it’s another Gluten Free Eat Up from Levine’s General Store!  If you’ve been, then you need to go again as the vendors shift around.  This month, they grabbed Ella’s Bellas from Beacon, NY, baker of the finest goodies around, gluten free or not.  If you have not been to an eat up, what are you waiting for?  Beer.  Food.  Schmooze.


Now we’re gonna give you a good tip because we’re good people and also because we already went shopping this week and bought all the good stuff.  Can’t find it advertised anywhere, so don’t take a trip to Beacon, NY just for the sale, but this guy Mario who sells out of his garage is having a sale this weekend.  His prices are IN-SANE and he has great stuff.  Address is 69 Verplank.  He usually does a two day sale.  If you miss it, don’t worry.  Right around the corner is the Beacon Flea (Sundays only) and there’s plenty of vintage/antique action going on in that area.

Pink Tag Sale!

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We just went around the shop and put sales stickers on the Memorial Weekend discounted items.  They are pink because that’s the closest color to red we had. We’ll discount them online once (if) we figure out an easy way to do it. But for now….refer to this blog post for sale items, ok? Remember, this sale is only happening over Memorial Weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Come next Wednesday (because we’re closed on Tuesdays) prices are back to normal.  If you’re away for the weekend, buy it online and pick it up next week.

So, without further ado, here it is!

The gorgeous marble top John Meeks dresser that is currently priced at $450 will be cut down to $350. That’s $100 savings for those of you who can’t do math!
Here’s another $100 price cut in the architectural salvage department.  In need of a fireplace summer cover?  The one above is down to $350.
We can’t go too low on everybody’s favorite piece in the shop but the deco dresser is $50 off this weekend, down to $650.

The mid century metal lounge chair that looks like a wood lounge chair is one of our newer items that are marked down for the weekend.  Originally $225.  Grab it for $185. IMG_8681As much as we love this reclaimed antique stove base coffee table, we really want to see it find a better home.  The $210 piece will be marked down to $150 as of tomorrow.  Come on, that’s a great price for such a unique find!


These two concrete planters (well, they weren’t originally planters) are friggin’ awesome and they do have quite a few fans.  Alas, nobody has grabbed them up at the original price of $150 apiece so come and take them for $95 each.

There are plenty more items that are marked down, plus almost anything that’s not tagged on sale is negotiable. If you don’t want to schlep to Crown Heights to look at tags, shoot us an email with your best offer. Done.

Memorial Weekend Sale!

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Memorial Day Weekend.  When New Yorkers flea to the north, south, east and west.  Since we fear being stuck in the store alone all weekend long with nobody walking in, we’re holding a sale for all of you folks left behind.  You know who you are.  You have to work.  You don’t have a house in the Hamptons. Didn’t get your act together to grab a cottage in the Catskills.

It’s not an entire store sale, but we may be negotiable on every item.  Alls ya gotta do is ask.  We don’t bite.  We can’t tell you what exactly will be on sale yet because then we wouldn’t sell anything this week, would we?  Let’s put it this way:  There are some items we’ve had kicking around since day one.  We want them gone.  At least one piece will be marked down by $100, but most of the older furniture price cuts will be around $50 off. Even the smalls will be best offer on most items.

So, you in?

Gonna do this Friday, Saturday and Sunday since we’re closed on Mondays.

Cherry Blossoms in Brooklyn

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It’s that time of year again! Allergy season? Yes, but deal with it and head on over to The Brooklyn Botanic Garden this weekend for Sakura Mastsuri, the cherry blossom festival. If you’ve never been to The Botanic Garden (whaaat??) then this is THE weekend to go.

The festivities commence on Saturday, April 26th and run all weekend long. As if walking the beautiful gardens with the trees in full bloom is not enough, there are Japanese dance, music and martial arts performances as well as demonstrations and ceremonies.

The festival gets crowded so it’s probably a good idea to purchase tickets online in advance. There is an extra fee to Sakura Matsuri unless you’re a member. $25 as opposed to the usual $10 entrance fee.

It will be awesome!!

But don’t spend the entire day there and I’ma gonna tell you why. The Flatbush Avenue entrance is closed, which leaves only Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue entrances open. The Washington Avenue entrance is literally one block from Reclaimed Home, hours 10am-6pm. Just walk down Carroll, cross the Franklin Avenue Shuttle overpass and that’s our little dead end block. 945-947 Carroll.

So, go have fun at the festival but you better stop by and say hello!

Happy Earth Day!

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We sometimes forget about Earth Day here since we feel that Mother Earth should be respected 365 days of the year. If you don’t adhere to that philosophy then today is the day to call your mother.  Hasn’t she been guilting you all winter long with her cold shoulder and icy white tears?

There are celebrations and feel-goody events.  Go! Have fun! But please remember what this is all about.  Now, we’re gonna go all preachy on you.

Since this is a home and renovation blog, let’s start there…

1. Save on the manmade energy! Unplug electronics when not in use. Don’t leave heat on with open windows. Same goes with air conditioning.  Conserve! Conserve! Conserve!

2. Keep items out of landfills! Donate furniture, clothing, appliances and housewares that you no longer need. And for the love of Mother Earth, if you’re doing a major renovation, more than half that stuff can be salvaged!

3. Buy green. Shop for recycled and vintage products. Like Reclaimed Home. See how we did that there?

4. Use low VOC paints when possible. *Disclosure:  We don’t always do that because we sometimes buy “oops” paint or need a more durable solution.

5. If you don’t have the recycling of plastics, glass and paper down by now, gotta tell ya…you may be a lost cause. Prove us wrong.

6. Turn water off while brushing teeth or doing dishes until you have to rinse.

7. Only do full loads of laundry or dishwashing unless you have an appliance that allows for half loads.

Outside of the home….

8. Do not leave your vehicle idling longer than 3 minutes. It’s the law.

9. A vegetarian diet is a gazillion times more earth friendly than a meat based diet. Check out the water consumption and rainforest destruction used in meat processing if you wish, but all you have to do is make friends with a cow or a pig to realize that.  Get thee to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary or Catskill Animal Sanctuary!  And don’t forget to carpool when you do!

10. Carry your own water bottle and travel coffee mug.

Make your mother proud!

Official Announcement. Word.

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The details are set. The invites are going out (Tip: This IS the invite unless you are on the mailing list, then you get the same thing in your inbox.)! Oh, here’s the Facebook event page.

Our spiel: Reclaimed Home will officially open it’s doors to the public on Saturday April 12th. We’ll discount any item, large or small, by 10%, for the entire weekend. But wait, there’s more! You can nosh and booze it up when you stop by. Three Buck Chuck and Costco snacks….we’re going all out!

To start, hours will be 10am-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekdays will be 9-5 Wednesday through Friday with Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment only. This may change after we get a feel for our customer’s shopping habits.

So, what are we selling? The Reclaimed Home inventory consists of vintage items, antiques and architectural salvage in an as-is state. But! Our raison d’etre is taking near-death pieces and resuscitating them by the process of upcyclification. In other words, a headboard becomes a bench, a clawfoot tub becomes a sofa, an old dresser becomes a sink vanity and they live on. THEY LIVE!

Who are we? We are two middle aged New Yawk women, one with a background in DIY home restoration and the other with a fine art background. Together, we can turn an entire house into a work of art, so pieces of furniture are pieces of cake to us.

We hope to meet each and every one of you in person on April 12th and the weeks, months and years to follow.

AD Design Show 2014

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If you saw any of Reclaimed Home’s InstaTwitFB feeds yesterday, you would know that we hit the Architectural Digest Home Design Show down at the pier. As those trade shows go, it was inspiring and fun until the ole’ stomach starting to growl and the ole’ feet started to hurt.

Before full fatigue set in, we did get to cover quite a bit of the show. Here’s what motivated us to go on.

The wood block mesquite shown above is from Old Wood out of New Mexico. Although wood plank (which they carry) is a timeless, proper floor, the block is, to use a pun…cutting edge. Much of the wood used by Old Wood is reclaimed in one form or another. That’s not to say it came out of old buildings. Some of their lumber comes from forest fires. The mesquite is harvested from native land (with permission) without killing the root. It’s actually considered a nuisance like a weed.

room-setting-w-small-blocks_slider-image-860x450PTACEK Home is located in Garrison, NY and they work only with local wood. The image above is the burnt look. The piece of furniture that looks like a library card catalogue has reversible drawers so that every cube can have color or wood tone.


Rocking Bench 2


Speaking of local, the rocking bench was created by Stefan Rurak right here in Brooklyn. He does work with some reclaimed materials, but there is no mention about the that being the case with this particular piece. It’s a cool bench though.

colorfloorPID Floors does some colorful graining! The gentleman explained that it’s a 7 step process and also informed us that we were the first to ask if it can be done on reclaimed wood. Yes, it can. But the company doesn’t manufacture it that way. They do have greens and yellows and blues in their “In Love” collection, so who cares about the environment? Kidding!!!


Ok, are you ready to have your mind blown? See that wood countertop? It’s concrete. Yup. JM Lifestyles makes concrete objects that look exactly like wood. Check out this shower!

Some fun stuff at the show! It runs until the 23rd at Pier 94.

Things To Do This Weekend

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Press Release ImageS

Yeah, it’s only Thursday. No time like the present to plan ahead.  What are you doing this weekend?

The Gluten-Free EatUP! will return to Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn on Sunday March 9, 2014  from 2pm to 6pm. Address is  627 5th Avenue between 17th and 18th Streets. Gotta pimp out my girl, Deb again!  She’s running the gig. I’m kvelling!

123The weather will be a balmy 50 degrees in Brooklyn this Saturday. The perfect day for a walking tour of the lovely Stuyvesant Heights. Led by Suzanne Spellen and Morgan Munsey, two of my favorite buddies, the tour promises to be fun and interesting. I’m making that promise, not them. Tickets are $20. Tour starts at 2pm on the 15th.


The Independent art exhibit starts today and runs through the 9th. The show features over fifty international galleries and non-profit institutions representing fourteen countries. Tickets to the Chelsea event are $20.

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