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Playing with Dolls

Playing with Dolls published on 2 Comments on Playing with Dolls


I was looking for vintage doll parts. Now I have so many dolls I don’t know what to do with them all! When I started out this morning, I really wanted to alter the Barbies, but then I realized I had to figure out how to sew to do what I wanted to. So, I skipped that and started with the easy stuff. Drillin’, screwin’ and gluin’.



Baby needs a collar. I liked the height that the wood added, but I’m not grooving to the wood. If it was a bit shorter…


Nothing like a naked redhead for the table top.


Painted salvaged parquet tile. Ready to hang.


Since I don’t advocate smoking, let’s call this a jewelry holder instead of an ashtray. Actually, it probably shouldn’t be near heat anyway since the sides are plastic.

Other Online Handmade Shops

Other Online Handmade Shops published on 2 Comments on Other Online Handmade Shops

We all know about Etsy and how fabulous it is. But are there any other online venues in which to buy and sell handmade goods? Your intrepid reporter found out.


Artfest looks like an older, not-so-hip site. I’m not sure how current the listings are as the blog hasn’t been updated since 2007.


En Dawanda is Europe’s answer to Etsy. Even the software is similar. Watch out! They have some very nice stuff.


Electronic Cottage may look a bit outdated, but the site is easily navigated and they have some cool vendors.

48498.jpg is an easy-to-shop worldwide site.


Mintd looks like a shop for hip young thangs who have some great stuff to offer.

I discovered most of these from an old post on Read Write Web.

How Do These Etsy Mofos Do It?

How Do These Etsy Mofos Do It? published on 4 Comments on How Do These Etsy Mofos Do It?


So, as I reported yesterday, I’m taking much of my salvage and vintage flea crap and upcycling it for the winter season. I’m doing this partially because I only have one more outdoor day at the Brooklyn Flea and partially because, well, it’s the holidays and nobody is buying furniture as gifts.

Ok, so I woke up at 5am and got right to work. A few distractions here and there, some breaks, but by quittin’ time, I had only finished five pieces. WTF? Am I a dimwit or something?

What I want to know is this: How do people find enough hours in the day to produce several pieces, photograph them, measure and write text, then upload them to Flickr, Etsy and other stores? And I think some of these people have full time jobs!

And don’t get me started on the days I have to cook get take out, clean, do laundry and pay bills! Who are these superpeople and how can I become one of them?

So, hey, come bring me hot chocolate at the Brooklyn Flea this Sunday where I’ll be freezing my ass off. The following 2 weeks I get to do the Gifted show because I bitched and moaned and he just wanted to shut me up. Squeaky wheel gets the oil!



Craftin’ The Night Away

Craftin’ The Night Away published on 3 Comments on Craftin’ The Night Away


My disorganizational are amazing. The plan this week was too organize my crap and work more productively. As you can see from the photo above (my living room floor), it ain’t happening.

I’m trying to make the shift from falling back on selling vintage pieces to doing more hand made items for the holiday crafts scene. It’s tons of fun! But only if you have your act together.


I tried separating doorknobs by spreading them out on the floor. I’ll make some coat hangers and such out of them.


I took apart this clock to add the photo only to lose the screws. Now I can’t put it back together. Pathetic, huh?


Ok, this was fairly simple and I managed to accomplish something. I bought these irregular concrete tiles last year and they’ve been sitting in my basement ever since.


Add cork to the back and they are coasters! I left the numbers because I kinda like them.


This key holder/shelf would’ve taken less than a half hour to make. Too bad I couldn’t find screws, then I broke one of the glass knobs, then I couldn’t get the screw out of the replacement knob, then I couldn’t find the Modge Podge, then I couldn’t find the scissors…..I took this photo while the glue was still wet on side “hooks”. You can see them starting to slide down.

Etsy Gifts

Etsy Gifts published on 2 Comments on Etsy Gifts

 Am I pushing the gift giving thing too early? Well, excuse me. I’m just looking at all the things I want.


Our pal Jean at Renovation Therapy just opened an Etsy shop.  She has all of 8 items so far but they are adorable, reasonably priced and would make awesome gifts. This coffee cup cozy is $8 and would make a great stocking stuffer or part of a coffee lover’s gift basket. I’m into gift baskets these days. It’s all the rage! According to me.


These pigment prints from Fields of Color ser are perdy. They would look great hanging on my walls. If I had finished walls. Most of the prints are under 8″x8″ and are priced at $25 apiece. They’re done on acid free water color paper or canvas.


OMG, I love this idea! A great gift if you’re invited to Thanksgiving, especially if it’s a vegetarian meal. 18 bucks. M n M Treasures means business. They have 140 items for sale in their shop. I probably have under 25, so non-lazy go getters like this piss me off. But, we should support them anyway. Even if it does put people like me to shame. Viva La Lazy!


See, that’s what I’m talking about! This set of antique brass tongs has been reincarnated as a toilet paper holder. Antiques 2 Uniques is in the trash to treasure business. This design is $27 and perfect for the bathroom obsessed person in your life.

Etsy Obama Home Decor & Accessories

Etsy Obama Home Decor & Accessories published on 1 Comment on Etsy Obama Home Decor & Accessories


Rovakada does political fridge magnets and wine stoppers. $9.99 for this baby.


Outside the Box sandblasted these glasses, but they only have 6 made. They have some lovely t-shirts as well. $14.99 per glass or 6 for $74.95.


VanGoBama by Orangyred. $20.


Gemini Studio does these 7″x 16″ prints. Limited edition of 50. $14.


Hope on a Rope from Dugshop. $15. 100% Vegan.


Wow. This is well thought out. I’m gonna have to go ahead and call it brilliant. “Snake Charmers” vs “Wind Bags”? LOL! $250 by Yee Haw.

Etsy Find: Refinding

Etsy Find: Refinding published on No Comments on Etsy Find: Refinding


Fallout Shelter Table: $ 375

How cool is this stuff? I found them on Etsy, which has the home furnishings. Their website consists of personal accessories only. Sean O’Dell and Linda Idon’tknowherlastname are the peeps behind Refinding, “the finest pop culture cast offs”.


Bottle Box Cabinet: $350


Pabst Table: $450

Etsy Halloween

Etsy Halloween published on No Comments on Etsy Halloween


Having a Halloween party? (Why didn’t you invite me?) Decorate your house with horrible, creepy artwork. Here’s some really cool stuff by talented artists, so no need to wait for Halloween. You can be terrorific all year round!

The above photo is a 46″ child prop doll by DL Marian. Price is $1025. She has less expensive work, but this one is my favorite.


This fish head by Morbid Creations is an actual doll head that has been reworked. $100.


Aha! Here’s something affordable. For $18, you can get this photographic print with aged frame by Jenn Rose FX. The whole thing measures 4″x 4.75″, but what do you want for under 20 bucks?


The Grim Visions smiling head is sculpted mache clay over urethane foam core. This creepy dude will set you back a mere $45.

Etsy Storque: Chock Full O’ Info

Etsy Storque: Chock Full O’ Info published on 1 Comment on Etsy Storque: Chock Full O’ Info


I do the Etsy. I shop. I sell. But I don’t often have time to really explore the site. This morning is no exception, but since I needed to come up with a quickie blog post, oh, I explored baby!

I love The Storque! The blog posts how to tips, reviews, multi-media, event listings, blah, blah, blah. (Like my quickie post?)

Check out the woodcarving how to article! And I found Barkers for Barack on Storque too! Hmm, but the same seller has “McCainine” scarves. Grrr.

Recycled Switchplates

Recycled Switchplates published on 1 Comment on Recycled Switchplates

I usually try to find vintage switchplates on Ebay or I embellish existing ugly ones with wallpaper scraps or antiquing techniques. But I wanted to see what else is being offered out there. So, here are some recycled switchplates: all too pricey for moi.


Eleek makes some gorgeous plates. Not cheap though. The “Crosshatch” pictured above is $68. Using these for every switch in your house would cost more than a used car. Perhaps not, since they don’t make outlet covers.


Boris Bally designs these football shaped switchplates using recycled street signs. I can see them in a few rooms, but not all over the house. Don’t get me wrong….I like them. But they scream teenage boy’s room to me. $39.99 at Green and More.


Tin Can Sally makes her switchplates out of…you guessed it. Although most of them look “kitcheny”, perhaps the plain tin, which I actually prefer, can be used all over the house. Her designs average $22, which seems like a steal compared to the other companies.


Etsy designer Debby Arem uses circuit boards for her switchplates. Some of the colors are really nice, but I prefer the plate pictured above because it’s not obviously a computer part. $28 for the 3 switch cover.

North Forge Metal Creations

North Forge Metal Creations published on No Comments on North Forge Metal Creations


Crazy Leg Crate Table: $220

Here’s an Etsy find that deserves it’s very own post. Dan Ryniak is an artist-blacksmith from Berkley, MI who specializes in custom metal designs composed of architectural railings, entry gates, furniture, and accessories.

Remember that cool Reestore bathtub couch from London? Well, here’s a chair that would only cost a mere $220 to ship from Michigan!


Bathtub Chair: $580

Etsy Find: Neil Collins

Etsy Find: Neil Collins published on No Comments on Etsy Find: Neil Collins


Neil Collins had me at the mask. Very Darth Vader meets Hannial Lecter, no? The wall sculpture is made from an oil painted antique gas mask with new nylon straps attached to the frame by steel rings. Rings are hand made from the metal of a football helmet face guard. The frame is welded steel painted in a pattern of alternating black and bare steel. Entire work, apart from glass, is sealed. $500.Continue reading Etsy Find: Neil Collins

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