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Etsy: Creepy Dolls and Clowns

Etsy: Creepy Dolls and Clowns published on No Comments on Etsy: Creepy Dolls and Clowns


“Madam Xene” from Tiger LaRue. Keep this by your bed at night to prevent sweet dreams. 20 bucks makes a nice gag gift for that person you hate.


Becoming obsessed with numbers and formulaic systems through years of research, Algorithm is constantly searching for numerical systems in nature. His relationship with numbers has become so intense that he has carved them into his skin becoming what he covets most.

WTF? It’s like that dude from the movie Pi (Yeah, I can’t figure out how to do the symbol on my computer). $100.


Sad Clown=Creepy Clown. Actually, ANY clown is creepy. Am I wrong? Who doesn’t hate clowns? Why do they exist? This guy is sad that his flower died. He’ll probably go all John Wayne Gacy on us now. $76


The company that makes this Day of the Dead Flower Girl is called Creepy Dolls. Now me, I prefer something that is not as obviously creepy, but I’m not hatin’. This doll was my favorite from this shop because she reminds me of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane”. $80.


Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about! No blood or scars. It’s all in the eyes. $70.

Cool As Sh*t iRetrofone

Cool As Sh*t iRetrofone published on 2 Comments on Cool As Sh*t iRetrofone


Are you one of those folks who’s given up your land line? Do you miss holding a real phone to your ear instead of a hot, radiation transmitting cell? Well, despair no more! iRetrofone is here!

The hand-sculpted base by artist Scott Freeland is a fully-functional, stationary iPhone dock with a USB cable and working handset.  It’s made of heavy-duty, half-inch thick urethane and designed to be compatible with all iPhones.

The clear and the pink are my favorites and they are also the least expensive at $195. Prices climb to $350 for the steampunk version.

If they only played music too, they would be perrrrrfect.

Upcycled Etsy Gift Guide

Upcycled Etsy Gift Guide published on No Comments on Upcycled Etsy Gift Guide


Ho f*in’ ho. Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to shop for gifts! Before I start posting my own recycled creations, I figured I’ll give you a look at my competition.

O.M.G. I love the platform shoe planter!! I don’t know where Giddy Spinster gets all the shoes from, but I’m jealous! Apart from the fabulous planters ($55 for the one in the photo), there are bookends and a vintage hair dryer planter.


Look closely at this bird feeder. I didn’t see what it was the first time. Green? Yellow? It’s repurposed traffic signals! $60 from Red Yellow and Blue Ink.


This vintage cookbook clock comes to us from the Welsh Tick Tocklers. $40


Mitchell Glassworks melts wine, beer and soda bottles to make cheese plates and spoon rests. This Cabernet cheese plate is $34.

Best of Regretsy (My Picks)

Best of Regretsy (My Picks) published on No Comments on Best of Regretsy (My Picks)


I just discovered Regretsy and I’m totally obsessed! The site exhibits some of the freakiest crafts found on Etsy. All the money raised from Regretsy goes to charity. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, no need for me to write a thing. Click on photos for more info.





Etsy Find: Recycled Pillows

Etsy Find: Recycled Pillows published on No Comments on Etsy Find: Recycled Pillows


Westchester Etsyan Alexandra Ferguson was in the fashion biz in her past life. Now she’s sewing recycled felt together to make these “statement” pillows. She had me at “Let’s Make Out”, but oh, there’s so much more!

Prices range from $49-$199. Need to give someone the message? This is one way to do it.



New Online Craft and Vintage Shop!

New Online Craft and Vintage Shop! published on 3 Comments on New Online Craft and Vintage Shop!


There’s a new kid in town ready to compete with Etsy. EFreeMe is a freshly launched, easy to navigate, craft and vintage shop that is totally free for sellers (except for the Paypal part). Right now they will also give you $5 if you create a store and list 20 items! Yes, THEY are paying YOU to list!

There aren’t tons of sellers on there yet. The site is brand spankin’ new.

The image above is from Atozillusions. Look at real close, like. It spells out the word “music”. How cool is that?

So, how does EFreeMe make money? No clue.

Celebrity Crafty Kitsch Craziness

Celebrity Crafty Kitsch Craziness published on 4 Comments on Celebrity Crafty Kitsch Craziness


Kitsch is awesome, but kitsch plus pop culture kicks ass! I’m lovin’ these crafty items I found.

The Johnny Cash switch plate is only $8 on Etsy. It’s just the most fabulous photo ever.


Once upon a time I found a crocheted Elvis at a tag sale for $7 and sold him at the flea market for $120. I still regret letting him go. If you can crochet, here’s a pattern for ya!


As if the thought of Adam Lambert isn’t horrific enough, check out this scary embroidered portrait. There’s a how-to on the Craftster forum if you must have one.


Um, maybe I should have titled this post “Scary Celebrity Crafts”.  Zombie M.J. and E.T. Did they have a thing? It’s a spray paint stencil and silkscreen for $80.


And what pop culture collection would be complete without the Liberace prayer candle? $15 on Etsy.

Found Object Clocks

Found Object Clocks published on 2 Comments on Found Object Clocks


I can’t take credit for these upcycled clocks, but I’m proud to say that the artist is a reader of this blog.

Paula is a self taught artist living in Texas. (Refrain from Texas bashing) All of her clocks and mixed media assemblages are made from found objects. Prices are around the $175-$250 range.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let the photos (linked to Etsy) take it from here. Yes, because I’m too lazy to actually write sentences at the moment.




The Most Expensive Etsy Listings

The Most Expensive Etsy Listings published on 1 Comment on The Most Expensive Etsy Listings


Last Supper by Anthony Falbo: $100,000. It says suggested retail is 10 million bucks, but there are paintings on his website for under $1000 and I can’t find a gallery representing the artist. A mistake? Very cool, whatevah.


Another awesome painting with a possible pricing mistake. $99,000 for this image of George and Barbara Bush. The artist is Outsider’s Outsider and all of the paintings are in this price range.


Now I know this one is a mistake. This photo by Rich Wysockey is priced at $80k when the rest of his work is $20-$175. It is a great image, but is it really worth $79,825 more than his other work?


Ok, not a mistake. This is a BIG sculpture. Artist Chris Weed installed the paper clips this year at The Plaza of the Rockies. It stands 24 feet high and will set you back $75k. Anyone want one for their front yard?

Etsy + Soopsee = New Store!

Etsy + Soopsee = New Store! published on 3 Comments on Etsy + Soopsee = New Store!


OMG, my life is complete now! I’m like a 50’s housewife who has just discovered the dishwasher. I used to (until yesterday) spend hours uploading inventory to Etsy, then my Reclaimed Store, then Artfire, then other stores…yada, yada. Ok, not exactly true. I kind of did Etsy sometimes and then got bored with the rest.

But Soopsee! Oh, sweet, sweet Soopsee! It’s an Etsy API, which up until two days ago, I did not know the meaning of. Application Programming Interface. Etsy users can open a free Soopsee account and let them host for you or keep your own domain and upload the Soopsie to work with it.

I wanted to keep my name because I’m a control freak. This isn’t free, but there’s a summer special that costs $4.99 per month. I can handle that. I splurged for another $14.95 to buy because it seemed easier to start from scratch rather than messing with my existing blog site pages.

Got the look I wanted. Transferred all Etsy listings in one pop. Set up auto RSS for my blog on the store site. Auto Twitter when I upload a new item. All done in less than 2 hours.

The software is still in beta, so there are some quirks. The only one that really bothers me is the categories on top of the page. The Soopsie default category is “Art” and when I added my own, I came up with 2 “art” categories. There isn’t yet a customized option to get rid of it, so I’m stuck with it.

I’m not a religious woman, but I just want to say “God bless Vanessa over at Etsy Storque for turning me on to Soopsee.” And God bless The Creator of the software. Hallelujah!

Reclaimed store on Soopsie

Reclaimed Home Store

Etsyan’s Retro Reno in Sullivan County

Etsyan’s Retro Reno in Sullivan County published on 4 Comments on Etsyan’s Retro Reno in Sullivan County

Vanessa from Etsy Storque alerted me to this video by Etsy seller Luxton Lake. Read the informative and fascinating post @ Etsy, but I just want to ad my own comments here:

1. OMG, I’m soooo jealous!

2. Why can’t MY house be finished?

3. Why can’t MY house be cute and bright like that?

4. Honey, when can we buy a 1940’s bungalow to restore?

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