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Props to Brooklyn

Props to Brooklyn published on 5 Comments on Props to Brooklyn


Awesome news for County of Kings thrift junkies! Film Biz Recycling is moving to Gowanus! If you want to hit the Long Island City space one last time, they are having a name-your-price clearance sale starting today until the end of the month.

Grand opening at 540 President Street will be on or around December 1st.

If you’ve never been, the massive shop is chock full of used TV and movie props. Everything from vintage dish sets to clean linens to artwork.  It. is. awesome. And it will be ours! F.U. Queens where I was never able to find parking.

Also! The new space will stock building materials and paints. So again, Brooklynites won’t have to schlep to Build it Green in Queens for these items.

It’s a win/win for everyone. (Except Queens)

Junk Sale This Saturday!

Junk Sale This Saturday! published on No Comments on Junk Sale This Saturday!

We’re clearing the house this weekend! Friday we move the rest of our “staged furniture” down to Brooklyn and whatever is left in the house we want gone by Saturday. Nuts to move and do a tag sale all in the same weekend? Yeah, whatev. And we wonder why we’re stressed.

Anyhoo, the stuff has already been picked over. We’ll price a few decent things and then the rest is whatever it’s worth to you. Could be a buck. We don’t care. We just don’t want to deal with change, so take a few things for a buck.

Free? Well, if you are a charity, sure!

Sales, Deals and Coupons!!

Sales, Deals and Coupons!! published on No Comments on Sales, Deals and Coupons!!


A & G Merch. 111 N. 6th St, Bklyn. 60%off home furnishings. 30 % off floor model sofas. Through 8/15

Bobby Berk Home. 59 Crosby St. Summer Sale through 8/15.

Jonathan Adler. 20% off all rugs through 8/15.

Catamount Adventure Park. Hilsdale, NY. Half off 3 hour pass. Coupon

Spa Sally’s. $25 for a 45 minute massage at NYC select NYC spas. Tuesdays only!

Resale Kiddy Coming to Park Slope

Resale Kiddy Coming to Park Slope published on No Comments on Resale Kiddy Coming to Park Slope


Lulu’s on 5th is breeding again. Brigitte, the owner of the two shops on 5th Avenue in Park Slope teamed up with my pal Ann Marie to open up a used clothing store for the kiddies.


Lulu’s Then and Now is set to open around Labor Day and they are currently accepting gently used clothing and toys. Ann Marie will be watching the new store at 75A 5th. She was the woman behind the now closed City Cricket in the W. Village. Ann Marie is lovin’ the Brooklyn thing!


The shop will include less expensive items from places like Old Navy to higher end designer clothing. Pretty much what folks donate. When I first walked in, I didn’t realize it was a used clothing store. The stuff is VERY gently used.

The best thing about the location is that it’s right across the street from Beacon’s Closet. So when your done shopping for the kid, pick up something nice for yourself.

Power Boot Camp. Military Style Torture.

Power Boot Camp. Military Style Torture. published on 3 Comments on Power Boot Camp. Military Style Torture.


I bought a Groupon for Pure Power Boot Camp a few weeks ago and I had been dreading my first day. That was yesterday and I’m still alive to talk about it.

The “tour of duty” is an hour per day either 3 times per week for eight weeks or four times per week for six weeks. That costs about $1000. For 80 bucks, I’m getting 6 classes over 2 weeks. That should just about do it for me. Worth it to look for the Groupon, which they sometimes run, just in case you give up midway. Hey, then you’re only losing $40.

When I first walked in I had to drop down and give them 5 push ups. This is what I was nervous about beforehand because I lack upper body strength. But girlie push ups with knees on the ground are fine. Thank God!

Ok, first thing I noticed was the lack of air conditioning. Shit. I hate the heat! And they don’t mess around. I tried to take a drink of water during the laps (that almost killed me) and was told to keep going.

The second thing I noticed was that everyone was half my age and in better shape than me.

So, let’s cut to the chase. Is it tough? Well, ye-ah. Like any work out, it is what you make of it. There are things that I could hardly do and then are were things I do better than others. The push ups are timed not counted, so I can just go r-e-a-l-l-y  s-l-o-w.  Same with the running laps.


The best part is the obstacle course. I mean, let’s face it….without that, it’s just like any other boot camp gym class. Only not air conditioned. This is like a jungle gym for adults. It tests your stamina, agility and strength. I managed to get through all of them with the help of the instructor. Hey, all of the chicks and some of the guys needed his help! I have the special disadvantage of being a friggin dwarf, so I needed a boost from time to time.

There are walls and tires and logs and hurdles and rope things. Fun! And yet, it’s a work out. Only you don’t realize that part is so bad because it’s a new experience.

Read the whiny reviews on Yelp. Sounded like Private Benjamin. Just keep in mind that this isn’t for pampered sorts. You change in a tent and there are no private lockers. I believe there’s only one shower and you need to bring your own towel. No vending machines, so don’t forget your water that you can only drink when they allow you to. You sweat like mad, as does everyone and they probably don’t clean the mats or obstacle course between classes. And I mentioned the A/C.

The two locations are Chelsea, NYC and Jericho, LI.

Check back with me at the end of the two weeks to see what I have to say about Pure Power Boot Camp. For now, it’s a thumbs up after one class.


Purge. published on No Comments on Purge.


Hey, didjya hear we’re having a moving sale this Saturday? Ok, so here’s the latest:

Address: North Avenue in Beacon. This is Rt. 9-D South. Busy road. No street parking. You’ll have to park around the corner on a side street and walk (heaven forbid!) back to the house. It’s within walking distance to Metro North and we will consider delivering large (ticket) items to the 4 boros. Sorry, Staten Island doesn’t count. Hopefully we’ll remember to put signs up, but you’ll see the house by the 2×6’s holding it up. Big peeling gray Victorian, stone wall, turret. That’s us. The one in the logo.

Time: April 10. 10am-5pm. If you’re gonna try to be cheeky and come early, we will put you to work. Stuff needs to be hauled and priced. We’re soooo not prepared for the sale. Go on, make my day. Come early. Oh, it’s rain or shine. We’ll set up in the house if weather is nasty.

RSVP: There’s a Facebook page that looks pathetic because nobody is actually RSVPing. I feel kind of sad and lame.

What we have:

Small tschotskes are mainly around $3 to $5 apiece. I’ll have some stuff on hand that I sell for more money at markets, but that will be discounted. Like you can have a $15 piece for $10.

Furniture: This is the sale where we get rid of crap. The second sale will be once the house is in contract and we really need to move. That will be the better stuff. The good news is the crap is priced to sell! These are items I picked up and wanted to restore, but never got around to it. Chairs for $10 to $15. Dressers $50. Bed frames starting at $30.

Old hand tools

Complete Darkroom and some other photo stuff


Clothes I’ll never fit into again but I hang onto

Bits and pieces for the crafty upcycler

Architectural salvage including a slate mantel, newel post, sink vanities, 50’s wood kitchen cabinets, antique cast iron wood burning stove, doors, molding, concrete sinks and tiles, antique double cast iron sink

Just…tons more. Tons. Hope to see you Saturday!


Antique Potty with porcelain knob and wheels. Come on, who doesn’t need one of these? Huh, huh? Yours for $40.


3 lovely Get Real Surfaces concrete sinks @ $ 65 apiece. Don’t need a sink? They make nice bird baths!


Completely scratched, but totally sturdy Pier 1 picnic table and benches. We paid $850 just so our dogs could tear into it. Make an offer (that’s around $225).

Save the Date! Moving Sale

Save the Date! Moving Sale published on 4 Comments on Save the Date! Moving Sale


Faux painted slate mantel. Faded and peeling. Needs to be repainted. $350 OBO

Mark your calendars! April 10th. That’s the day of our first tag sale. We’ll have another one after the house is in contract to let go of the good stuff we need to keep for staging (and living) purposes. But April 10th is the day to unload the less expensive items.

Don’t want to post address yet and haven’t taken photos of everything, but just want to get the word out. Add yourselves to the mailing list if you want to be reminded as we get closer. It’s in Beacon, NY and I chose the the second Saturday of the month because that’s when Beacon has all the openings on Main Street. So, come, shop, go to DIA, drink wine, see art, hike up the mountain.

I’m a flea market vendor AND a pack rat. Lots of garage and basement stuff is probably moldy and dumpster ready. So, prices range from free to in the thousands for antiques we had planned on keeping (that will be the second date). Most of the items I want to get rid of are inexpensive vintage tschotskes that will be priced at $5 and under. Then there are the better vintage things I can get more $ for, but will discount so I don’t have to pack and schlepp to Brooklyn. But I’m not selling for less than what I paid for it! Jeez, I’m not that desperate!

There’s furniture and architectural salvage and building materials and books and clothes (only 1 bag of clothes so far). Haven’t photographed yet: Vintage enamel kitchen table ($90), Mission desk ($175), Pier 1 indoor “picnic” table with bench $?), 1920’s red velvet couch ($250) and on and on…

Check out the Flickr set for more photos. There’s tons more here. If you’re looking for something specific, lemme know!

Yes, delivery to the boros is a possibility. Hope to see you then!


Handmade vintage oak sink vanity with new sink and faucet included. $400


Cute vintage pram. It’s on my store for $75. Yours for $40.

Weekend Sales!

Weekend Sales! published on No Comments on Weekend Sales!


Spring is here! Can you feel it? Yard sale fever is in the air.

Two sales you should know about.

If you’re upstate, there’s a Mario sale! That’s Saturday the 27th starting at 8.30am. 69 Verplanck Avenue in Beacon. Indoors and out. Check out the Flickr photos.

Mario is the guy I buy my stuff from, so cut out the middle woman (me) and go directly to him. If you are in Beacon, pass by and honk your horn. You’ll know my house from the 2×6’s and scaffold out front.


The chicks from Nightwood are holding an open studio sale this Sunday, the 28th. They reincarnate furniture, textile and house stuff. What’s available? Couches, love seats, credenzas, coffee tables, chairs, pillows, rugs, paintings and some new items.

The sale runs from 11 to 5 @ 20 Grand Ave, #604, between Park and Flushing in Brooklyn.
G train to Clinton-Washington

Greentea Design Furniture Sale!

Greentea Design Furniture Sale! published on No Comments on Greentea Design Furniture Sale!


Greentea Design, an Asian inspired handcrafted sustainable furniture company is having a winter sale! It started January 6th and runs until February 28th, so hurry! They are offering up to 30% off throughout the entire website.

From Green Tea:

“The Winter Sale discounts are offered based on the collection the furniture is in. The Kuryo Collection gets the biggest discount at 30% off. The popular Maru Table Collection, made directly from reclaimed Korean floors has a discount of 10%.  The Sakura lighting collection and Antiques Section are both 10% off as well.  The rest of Greentea Design’s line is 20% off. The sale only applies to stock pieces; custom orders are excluded from any discounts.

Last year’s Winter Sale went over very well. We had an amazing response and I’m hoping that this year will be even better.  We’ve done a lot in the last year to add new products, improve the website, and to continue to offer dependable, solid wood furniture made from eco-friendly resources.”


Maru Coffee Table, constructed from original slabs of century-old Korean flooring. 10% off!


Bar Step, 30% off. How cool is this??!!

Green Gifts for the Holidays in LIC

Green Gifts for the Holidays in LIC published on No Comments on Green Gifts for the Holidays in LIC


Film Biz Recycling in Long Island City is holding a holiday extravaganza! I’m reporting a few days late on this because I wanted to ensure I got my own shopping done first. Sorry kids, but it’s a jungle out there.

If you didn’t read the previous post on FBR, here’s the rundown….

FBR is a non profit organization that accepts donations of props from the entertainment industry which would otherwise be thrown out. Not everything is vintage, but it’s definitely all been recycled. It would be interesting to know where each item came from. I never ask about all of them, but it seems like “Taking Woodstock” is the gift that keeps on giving for me. The last time I was there, I bought a bunch of stuff from that film and I just ended up with more.

I walked away with 4 large tote bags of small, gifty items for $182. I’ve spent more than that for 3 totes in the Korean grocery! (Ok, perhaps a fib)

The holiday sale is not just gifts. Check it out for all of your holiday decoration, gift wrapping and ribbon needs.

*Tip: Parking is a bitch on weekdays. Weekends are easier.

Some of the items I purchased for resale…..


I’m going to castrate Bud Man. That thing is annoying me.



I bought the two red ones on the ends. I think the others were gone. I didn’t see them.


Tenafly Tag Sale Photos Up

Tenafly Tag Sale Photos Up published on 4 Comments on Tenafly Tag Sale Photos Up


 Previously on Reclaimed Home

On Saturday, Kristi and I went over to Tenafly to shoot some of the items that will be sold on tag sale day. The date will be November 13 & 14. No worries, you’ll be reminded again and again.

The couple did much of the work for us already. They have things grouped and sorted. The woman even washed her dusty stemware and folded everything perfectly. I told her she shouldn’t get upset when people tear through the house and disturb everything within 5 minutes. These people are clean and organized! Takes all the fun out of rummaging, but it’s a good thing.


We found out we were the fourth people to be interviewed for the sale. So, why us? Seems that tag sale proprietors warrant about as much respect as the used car salesman or realtor. Upon looking for recommendations, “the client” heard horror stories about tag sales gone awry. One friend had the tag woman refuse to give her money because she wanted to renegotiate her fee AFTER the sale. Many of the “taggers” in that area were of retirement age and not internet savvy.

After doing a few sales, I have this to say. It’s physically hard work and long hours, but anyone can do it. It takes someone fairly intelligent to do it well (Good thing Kristi is around). As with any business, if you’re not willing to change with the times (Hello, learn the computer!), you’re not going to keep up.

And that’s why us novices were hired over guys with years of experience.

So, back to the sale stuff. Not too many antiques. The gently used furniture is good quality, no Ikea crap. There are some tv’s and stereo equipment, gym equipment….We’ll list more as we go back and sort more out.

Overall picture: quality stuff, perfect condition, free of dust.

Flickr photos


The “Make Me An Offer” Sale

The “Make Me An Offer” Sale published on 2 Comments on The “Make Me An Offer” Sale


This enamel top table needs work. I was going to paint her up real purdy like and charge over $300, but I just don’t have it in me…

I’m unloading crap. I mean business. The furniture has gots to go, baby!

Ok, here’s how this works….

I created a Flickr set called “sale“. There’s a number on finished pieces. That was the list price. Offer what you want. I may or may not accept on these items I worked my arse off on.

There are “as is” pieces. Some have prices, some don’t. I’ll probably take anything to get it off my hands, as long as it’s not less than what I paid. I want to get rid of stuff, but I don’t want to lose money on it.

The photos that are question marked are antiques that I don’t know the value of. I’d probably rather not sell them until I do the research, but if it’s a good enough offer, I can be persuaded.

Fire away with questions about measurements or anything else. I also have lots more in my Beacon garage and basement. These need work! If you’re a refurbisher/reseller, come have a look.


ABC Home Sale!

ABC Home Sale! published on 4 Comments on ABC Home Sale!


Love, love, love ABC Carpet/Home! They’ve got the best stuff evah! But those prices are out of control, for the likes of moi, anyway. Even when I hit the warehouse, can’t afford it. Even when they have a sale, can’t afford it.

How does this sound? The Bronx warehouse is having a 75% off sale through August 23rd (my birthday: take note). Probably not enough, I’m tellin’ ya. But wait, there’s more! Ok, you can download a coupon from the site to receive an extra 15% off.  So that means a $4000 chair would only be….$400.

Still too expensive, but I just may give it a shot anyway. I love feeling impoverished.

Free Craig Listings

Free Craig Listings published on 2 Comments on Free Craig Listings

The only thing better than a good bargain is getting something for nothing. The Craig’s free listings is one of my biggest obsessions. Word of advice: If you see something, you have to grab it immediately. There are a lot of other greedy f*ckers out there. Early bird catches the first worm. You snooze, you lose.

Here are some postings that are probably no longer available.

The Mt. Vernon piano above is in need of restoration. I always see listings for free pianos. Always.


Three doors, old and new, located in the basement of a Gowanus house.


Two sofas and two chairs in Queens Village. Plastic slipcovers included.


Blue toilet! Located in Poughkeepsie.

The Fleas are Breeding

The Fleas are Breeding published on 2 Comments on The Fleas are Breeding


Every week there seems to be a new flea market popping up around town. The Brooklyn Flea has been such a success that everyone with a backyard thinks they can start one. There are a number of smaller markets that couldn’t even find enough vendors, no less shoppers. They died before they ever even got off the ground. Without the perfect location and marketing, how can they expect to survive?

Here are some newer survivors you might want to check out while they still exist….

Brooklyn Flea Market (not to be confused with the Brooklyn Flea. Way to ride that wave!)
South Slope, Sat & Sun 10-6

Williamsburg Flea Market
Sundays 12-6pm

Flea by the Sea, Coney Island
Friday-Sunday, noon-sundown

The New Flea, Nolita
Indoors, daily

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