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Fall Clearance Sale!

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Oh my! The holidays are almost upon us and our work area is too cluttered to create our glorious handmade one of a kind gifty items. Check it out: Clearance Sale, y’all!

IMG_3620NYC Hookrug. Just came in but putting it in sale. $45 

Up for grabs (cheap) will be as-is merch from multiple estates that were purchased over the years and ended up in boxes in the basement or work area. We seriously have to clear this stuff out because WE ARE NOT RENEWING LEASE AS OF 2016!!!


Set of 4 vintage Arvin metal chairs. $25 each as-is.

So, items that never made it onto the sales floor are what this sale is all about. As-is furniture, tschotskes, artwork, kitsch thangs, lumber and found objects. We’ll also be marking down older items that we’ve had for awhile. Not enough? Let’s do 10% off newer items too!


Tons of tschotskes $1-5. Fill up a box and let’s make a deal, Monte!


Once we paint this coffee table, it will be at least $150. Yours as-is for $45!

Sale is at the shop this Friday 11am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm. Hope to see you there!

Estate Sales link

Flickr link

DIY Repurposing Tips This Weekend!

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websaleflyerWe’ve been schlepping stuff up from the basement for our big clean-out sale this weekend and we’re kind of bummed that we haven’t had the time to work on all of these wonderful pieces. The sale is on “as-is” inventory. We know that lots of our blog readers are accomplished makers, but if you would like to dive in, perhaps this is your chance. We’ll both be around on Friday to offer suggestions and tips on how to rehab and repurpose these rough diamonds. Swing by! The sale is going on all weekend.


Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm


Prices will be LOW! We do not want to schlep this stuff back downstairs. On the other hand, we didn’t really leave room to negotiate so please be nice. ALSO!! Lots of store merchandise will be marked down as well. #MAKEROOMFORNEWSTUFF!

Here’s an idea of pricing…

*Chairs that need seats. $25+
*Light fixtures that need to be rewired. $30+
*Table bases and legs. $15-$65
*Table tops that don’t really match said bases and legs $20
*Ugly end tables that need some updating. $15+
*Tschotskes from the shop that we’re getting tired of looking at: $5-10
*Tacky Artwork $10-$15


Check out our Flickr album for more images. Here’s the Facebook event page.

Basement Clean Out Sale!

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Ok, this one is for all of you DIY project bargain hunters out there! Our storage basement is OUT OF CONTROL! It’s completely cluttered with projects that we haven’t gotten to and we now realize that we probably never will at this location. It is time to purge.

Get ready for the basement clean out as-is sale! Comin’ atcha July 31, August 1 and August 2.

What’s on offer?

*Chairs that need caning
*Reclaimed lumber
*Light fixtures that need to be rewired
*Table bases and legs
*Table tops that don’t really match said bases and legs
*Ugly side tables that need some refreshing
*Tschotskes from the shop that we’re getting tired of looking at

Expect updates and photos as we drag stuff up from the basement, but know this….everything will be priced to get it the eff out of there. Here is the Facebook event page.

Start of the Year Clearance Sale!

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clearanceMost shops have end of the year clearance sales. We’re a bit behind schedule, but here it is…the Reclaimed Home Clearance Sale! It’s pretty painful to do this because it means losing money on each of these handmade items, but in the interest of clearing space to bring in new inventory, we gotta get over that and move forward.

Just one thing… NO NEGOTIATING! This is as low as we go.

Just click on the SALE section of the shop menu.

Here’s a sampling. You’ve been seeing these pieces around for months.


Reclaimed door coat tree bench. Perhaps a bit too rustic for Brooklyn or perhaps not many people have a vestibule that it can fit in, but it’s sadly been overlooked. $375 $295

Reproduction Reitveld chair. We thought this would be the first thing to sell as it was featured in the NY Times. We had two. The unpainted one sold immediately. This one kept us company all this time. It’s time for it to fly out of the nest now. $375$295


This is definitely our most fabulous piece! Maybe lavender and turquoise doesn’t work for everybody. D’oh! The wallpaper and resin top alone are priceless. Originally priced at $1200 and then cut to $995. It’s now $650. Shut up! That’s almost half price from the original.


Plaid is way cool! Oh, you know what? Maybe not for everyone. Perfect for a little boy’s room though. $320$295IMG_8913Ok, here’s the thing about this bench. People walk in off the street because they love it, but nobody really cares that we made it out of recycled pallets and a headboard. They want inexpensive vintage. Well, now it is. $375$295


Ebay Listings

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Little known tidbit: Reclaimed Home has had eBay listings up since the beginning of time but we never actually linked to them on the shop page until now. It was kind of a separate entity for items we didn’t know how to price. Ebay is our appraiser.

Ebay is a funny thing that we can’t seem to figure out. We’ve had some really fabulous items sit there without any bids. 1960’s Waterford crystal with a low starting bid, great light fixtures that do tend to sell better there than on the shop page.

It’s surprising to us what does fetch the highest prices. A 1980’s sculpture from the Metropolitan Museum gift shop (above) that we would have marked at $60 in the physical store sold to someone in Australia for $375.  A prop knife from the 1997 film “Titanic” (below) that we found in a box of vintage jewelry is currently up to $81.


Be sure to check out our eBay page because you may be able to pick up some bargains if nobody else is bidding.

Silent Auction This Wednesday!

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Ah, auction week is upon us.  In preparation, we have enough new merchandise so you can’t turn around in the shop if there are more than three people.  Eggggcelllent.  The plan is to empty the store completely of the older pieces.  So, are you in?

Refreshments will be served and 10% discounts will be offered on ALL items in the shop!  If you can’t make it, try contacting us on Thursday to see if your desired item is still available.  We probably won’t be able to monitor online and phone-in bids during the auction.

Here’s a taste of what’s up for sale.  If nobody else bids, you get it for the starting price.


Mid Century Hutch.   One of the items that is just too big and adult-like for many NYC apartments.  It’s too big for our shop also!


Antique Stove Base Coffee Table.  Speaking of too big, everybody loves this table and nobody has room for it! Got a back yard? Use it as a bench or planter.  It’s very versatile!


Mid Century Metal Patio Set.  And speaking of back yard….got one?  This lightweight outdoor furniture folds up for easy storage in a corner, which is why it hasn’t sold.  Nobody sees it in the shop.


Cherub Grotto.  Tacky is the new chic!  Come on, you can’t go wrong for 25 bucks.


Hand Made Veneer Shelves.  The one brand new piece we have in the store and not a soul has seen it in person because we’re using it behind the desk.  Someone put a lot of work into this sweet little thing.


Mid Century TV Cabinet. We can’t go too low on pieces that we worked on but this came to us inexpensively and didn’t take too long to finish.


Antique Child’s Desk.  We love it but we bought it for a good price, so we can pass the savings along.


Mid Century Atomic Enamel Cookware. They are the coolest things ever but four pots actually take up quite a bit of real estate in a shop of our size.

Ok, that’s all you’re getting for now.  We said a “taste”.  You have to get over to the shop on Wednesday evening to partake in the full menu.  Hope to see you there! And don’t get lost!

As Is. Make an Offer

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Yo, check it out.  We have a whole load of projects-in-waiting that we are ready to share with our fellow DIYers for a low price.  What kind of prices? Make offers! Yes, they look nasty now, but if you’re handy, you know what you can do with them. Go for it!

The wheel table is by far the coolest piece we have. We just picked it up from Long Island yesterday where someone left it outdoors for years. We know that if we took it apart and worked on it, we would have to charge in the $1500 range, but we also know the amount of work involved, so we’d rather let some other savvy person take it on.  Looking for the ultimate most awesomest project? Make an offer!


Another cool-as-shit piece that gives us a headache when we think about the amount of work it needs. Someone did a terrible paint job and it just needs stripping and repainting. No structural repairs needed. Whatddya wanna give us for it?


Piano bench in need of a bit of scrape ‘n paint. 


Could be a sweet side table with some TLC.


Oh boy, this is an easy project. It’s not in bad shape after all.  We’re just throwing it in because it’s been in the basement for awhile.IMG_9240A decent mid century coffee table that unfortunately, has a white top.  We haven’t bothered with it yet because it’s not a solid wood top, but if you like white…hey, go for it!  Otherwise, there are definitely ways to deal with the melamine.

Sweet two tier mid century round side table.


Not really a project so much as something we have in our basement that we’re willing to let go for cheeep.

Summer Madness Sale!

Summer Madness Sale! published on No Comments on Summer Madness Sale!



Mid Century Hutch $460 $360 or best offer

Ok kids, it’s time to move some inventory.  Some of this stuff has been sitting in our shop for two whole months and we can’t have that!  We need to purge and get new pieces.  We need to make some room for classes and events. Let’s get this done.

As much as we hate to sell under value, our loss is your gain. Any piece of furniture that has not been refurbished will be drastically cut.  The painted items are negotiable but we can’t go too low on those because the name of the game here is to make money, not lose it.

Here’s a taste.  There’s plenty more where this came from! Contact us, buy online or better still…just come into the shop and buy, buy, buy!


Marble Top Dresser: $350 $250

IMG_8902Mid Century Viko Lounge Chair $225 $125


Reclaimed Stove Base Coffee Table $180 $125

IMG_8982Mid Century Patio Set $260 $175

IMG_8963Concrete Grotto with Naked Kids $175 $125 or best offer

Estate Sale Teaser

Estate Sale Teaser published on 9 Comments on Estate Sale Teaser


Reclaimed Home has landed an estate sale in Bay Ridge!  The home belonged to an older fellow whom had been living there for quite some time and yes, my friends, he was a hoarder!  The date has been pushed back about three times now, but this new one seems to be solid, so we’re making the “Save the date” announcement. Fingers crossed, we’re holding this baby on January 24th, 25th and 26th. Please add your name to the mailing list over there on the right side bar or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.


I went to take pictures yesterday and only got through 3 rooms of the 3 story house. It’s chock full of tschotkes plus Victorian through Mid Century furniture, artwork, collectibles and various oddities.


He liked his clocks and mirrors. Plenty of those! Some of the artwork is nothing special but the antique frames are pretty awesome. A good bit of the artwork is actually pretty special too and I didn’t even get around to see all of it yet.

chairThe wingback chair is in perfect condition after removing the slipcover. Yes, that’s a rotary phone and there are about 20 more just like it in the house!

I wasn’t kidding when I said “hoarder”.  Get that date on your calendar ASAP!

Decor by National Wholesale Liquidators

Decor by National Wholesale Liquidators published on 5 Comments on Decor by National Wholesale Liquidators


Before there were Ikeas and Targets in NYC, National Wholesale Liquidators was the place to go for inexpensive home goods. Right there on Broadway just a touch north of Soho (“Noho” my ass) was a three level megastore of savings.

NWL still exists in three boroughs and out in the suburbs. Hey, it’s the type of place where a car comes in handy to schlep all that merch anyway.


Although not quite as stylish as Ikea, it’s a great place to hit if decorating on a budget. They carry a decent selection of table linens, bath accessories, curtains, rugs and bedding.  They also stock kitchenware and small appliances as well as large furniture.

Don’t need home goods? The New Jersey store even has a full supermarket and wine shop.




Shopping Re-Stores

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After having hit every Habitat Restore in the Tri-State area and beyond, I’ve come to a conclusion. Ready for it? They suck. No they don’t. But perhaps they aren’t worth the travel time and expense.

Here’s the thing. Local used building material shops are a great thing. You can hit them everyday and they may or may not have new inventory, but what have you got to lose? Traveling to multiple second hand shops miles away because you want to build green is the antithesis of green building.

Case in point. Yesterday I hit two Restores in Westchester. The Mount Vernon one was pretty good. The SOLD $600 fridge mocked me as I walked in the door. I so would have grabbed that. Also, check out the pinball machine that I wouldn’t have bought anyway. That was already sold too.

All that was left was crap. Meh. So, I hit the one in New Rochelle. That was just like a Salvation Army with clothing and small housewares. Determined not to let my shopping day end without a purchase, I set off to the Danbury shop. It was ok, but nothing for me. Well since I was up there, I went to Newburgh’s Restore where I found sconces for $5 that the woman didn’t want to take down for me. U Might Find It, a favorite antiques shop, didn’t have anything I needed either.

So, the day ended with an empty tank of gas and an empty car. I used a tank of gas in an attempt to salvage a few pieces of material. Doesn’t make sense.

Don’t get me wrong. Habitat Restores ARE a great resource for materials. If I was focused on the next project, I would be collecting electrical and plumbing supplies when I see them so I don’t have to purchase those new, but I’m not much of a multi-tasker. Restores are great for windows, doors and toilets, but the lovely antique details are more readily found at proper architectural salvage shops.

So my choice today is to buy inexpensive yucky Home Depot tile for the bathrooms or spend money I don’t have on nice tile. Decisions. Decisions.

Free on Craiglist

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There was a time I could get clawfoot tubs and flooring on Craigslist for free. Now people are giving away stuff that even a fanatic recycler like myself considers trash. But hey, maybe it’s useful to someone. You never know. At least they’re not charging for it. If the links are dead, that means the item has been removed.

Misc. Items.  Three wheels. Two with “breaks” which probably means “brakes”. But wait! There’s more. If you act now, you can get Ikea Allen wrenches. The poster is throwing in some “Food and Wine” magazines, but would prefer if someone takes the whole package.

Manure of Chicken. “It’s only free if you bring a bucket to trade. If you don’t have a bucket, please bring $1.50 to cover the cost of my bucket. I’ll return the money if you bring my bucket back.
Come get some every week! heck..every day… take all you want! They’ll make more!”

Soccer Socks. Gently used. Some pilling on the foot. Why go through the effort? Put them in the big Goodwill bag that’s been sitting there for a year. You know the one. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who has that bag.

Baby Food Jars. Sorry, I just don’t think I’d feel comfortable feeding my baby food I got on Craigslist. I’m sure it’s fine, but it would freak me out.

1901 Kroeger Piano. I’ll end on a positive note. Oooh, this is actually nice!

More Stuff for Stoop Sale

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Valley of the Creepy Dolls

Oy. How did I collect so much stuff? I can’t even see half the crap in my basement. Fuggedaboutit! So, here are some photos of a few more things I found. Hope to see you at the stoop sale on Saturday. We’ll schmooze. You can meet my dogs. Maybe take some stuff off my hands so I don’t have to schlep it back into the house? Oh wait…it might rain. Maybe the sale will take place IN my house and not on the stoop. Whatev. It’s rain or shine!


What home is complete without a creepy clown painting? You know you want him!


Black velvet painting. Very classy. Unfortunately, she has a rip. Yours for 5 bucks.


There are hinges and pulls and knobs and old tools. Guy things. Ya know.

Flickr set.

London for the Holidays

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Want to go away for the holidays? Here’s a deal. A Wimbledon studio with a balcony for £400 per week. It’s my brother in law’s flat and he’ll be out of town December 20th-January 7th. Sublet it for the entire time or a shorter stay.

The flat is located in a suburban area within 10 minute walk of Wimbledon Station which is about 20 minutes to the center of London. Wimbledon itself has some nice restaurants and shopping.

The studio has a separate kitchen and one bathroom. There’s a washer/dryer, toaster, coffee maker, wifi and DVD player. It’s up 3 flights of stairs, so good news for you if you want the exercise. Not so good if you can’t do the steps.

This will be available during the Olympics, but it won’t be £400.

You want in? Email Me and I’ll pass it along to him.

Flat plan

WTF Craigslist Ads

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Did you ever notice some of those crazy Craigslist ads? Like, why are these people selling things they should be throwing in the garbage? Why can’t they figure out how to take a picture?

Take the photo above. Great picture, right? Good for them. Phone cord: $1. These people photographed . every. item. in. their. sale. A tong: $1. A plastic spatchula: $1. Who has the time for this? And who wants to go out of their way to buy these things when you can get them at the local 99 cents store? Phone cords? Hell, I have several at the bottom of my desk drawer. They’re all tangled and unused. Want one? Free.


This bed and mattress are for sale. HOW F*CKIN’ LAZY ARE YOU THAT YOU CAN’T MAKE YOUR BED BEFORE PHOTOGRAPHING IT????!!!! Come on, man!


The funny thing about this piece isn’t the out of focus photo. It’s the price. Only $200,250. Or maybe it’s $2,002.50. Plus, it’s listed in midtown. If you read further, it’s actually 10 minutes from midtown. That probably means Queens or Roosevelt Island.


Nothing wrong with this cute coffee table. Except it’s listed as a bookcase. Is it me or is this a coffee table? I could be wrong.

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