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Salvo Fair 2015

Salvo Fair 2015 published on 1 Comment on Salvo Fair 2015

iron henge at fawley hill-filtered

Before you Americans get excited, the great summer salvage festival called “Salvo Fair” takes place in England. I got SUPER excited to see it’s going to be in June when I’ll be on that side of the pond, and then super let down when I realized I’ll be missing it by a couple of weeks.

What is this salvage fair and why don’t we have one in the U.S.? I can’t answer the latter, but Salvo Fair consists of about 80 exhibitors from all over Europe, sellers of architectural salvage, antiques, reclaimed building materials and upcycled creations. I know, right?!

Dates are June 27-29th, 2015. Check out the website for more info.

15 Inches of Pure White Snow

15 Inches of Pure White Snow published on No Comments on 15 Inches of Pure White Snow

5296133255_0b9babe04b_zBlizzard of 2010

What’s all this about the Great Blizzard of 2015? We’re getting snow. Maybe lots of it. The roads will be shite. It might even mess up the subways. But why are people freaking out?

Lemme tell you something. This is NYC. Sure, we get two inches and freak out, but this is not Buffalo. They are laughing at us! I went around the corner to the supermarket and the stock was down. Took one look at the check out lines and walked out. The Korean grocery around the corner was fully stocked with no lines. Done. Do you really think you won’t be able to get some wine from around the corner? Think your favorite Chinese restaurant won’t deliver? This isn’t the suburbs. Just walk an extra block.

In the meantime…some tips.

Probably too late now, but you should’ve parked your car on the left hand side as plows tend to stack snow on the right.

Don’t wait until it’s completely over. Go out and do some passes every few hours to make life a little easier when it stops.

Support your local shops. While everyone is running mad at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Fairway, the small local shops are just fine. You don’t have to schlep to Home Depot for salt or shovels. Your local hardware store has it too, ya know.

As a (ugh) nearly 50 year old Brooklyn native, I don’t remember EVER losing power to a snow storm. We like to do that on the hottest days of the year. There’s always a first time, but candles, batteries and generators might be overkill.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Have fun. Get a sled. Go to the park.


LIC Sale Starts This Friday!

LIC Sale Starts This Friday! published on 2 Comments on LIC Sale Starts This Friday!

2015-01-20 16.12.02

Well, that snuck up on us. With two days to go to the office loft moving sale, we’re once again scrambling to get it ready last minute. At least we’ve uncovered most of the items so we know what’s there by now. Pricing will be done this afternoon and tomorrow so don’t ask yet!

2015-01-20 15.41.07

Flickr images

Facebook event page

2015-01-20 16.05.40

Just what IS there? These are the larger, heavier pieces that need to go to those special someones with large enough spaces. This sale is perfect for commercial industries, props people or loft dwellers. Small studio apartment? Well, there are some smalls including dishes, mugs, mirrors, frames and curiosities but this sale isn’t chock full of tschotskes.

2015-01-20 15.36.07

2 vintage tanker desks

2 vintage traditional desks

Mid century desk/credenza

Some more desks (there are enough desks for everyone)

2 Hamilton flat files

Antique Remington Rand library card catalogue

Antique Walker Shaw card catalogue

Antique Hamilton medical exam table

HUGE bookcase

HUGE piece of butcher block

Antique mahogany dining table with 5 leaves in need of COMPLETE restoration

Industrial work bench table

Lots of lockers

Paper goods

Reeeaalllly old computer stuff, monitors and printers

2015-01-20 16.02.042015-01-20 16.16.24

Start of the Year Clearance Sale!

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clearanceMost shops have end of the year clearance sales. We’re a bit behind schedule, but here it is…the Reclaimed Home Clearance Sale! It’s pretty painful to do this because it means losing money on each of these handmade items, but in the interest of clearing space to bring in new inventory, we gotta get over that and move forward.

Just one thing… NO NEGOTIATING! This is as low as we go.

Just click on the SALE section of the shop menu.

Here’s a sampling. You’ve been seeing these pieces around for months.


Reclaimed door coat tree bench. Perhaps a bit too rustic for Brooklyn or perhaps not many people have a vestibule that it can fit in, but it’s sadly been overlooked. $375 $295

Reproduction Reitveld chair. We thought this would be the first thing to sell as it was featured in the NY Times. We had two. The unpainted one sold immediately. This one kept us company all this time. It’s time for it to fly out of the nest now. $375$295


This is definitely our most fabulous piece! Maybe lavender and turquoise doesn’t work for everybody. D’oh! The wallpaper and resin top alone are priceless. Originally priced at $1200 and then cut to $995. It’s now $650. Shut up! That’s almost half price from the original.


Plaid is way cool! Oh, you know what? Maybe not for everyone. Perfect for a little boy’s room though. $320$295IMG_8913Ok, here’s the thing about this bench. People walk in off the street because they love it, but nobody really cares that we made it out of recycled pallets and a headboard. They want inexpensive vintage. Well, now it is. $375$295


Anniversary Sale and Future Plans

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We let a milestone pass by without acknowledgement last week because it’s post holiday vacation time. January 9th marked the one year anniversary of obtaining the lease on the brick and mortar storefront. Although the Reclaimed Home offline shop didn’t officially open until April, we started to sell some pieces while doing the renovations. So, Happy Anniversary to Reclaimed Home!

Ah, let us reflect on the year past as we look forward to some changes for 2015….

Mistakes. We made a few, but then again, too few to mention. All in all, it wasn’t a bad first year in business. There is one more year on the lease and at this time, we’re thinking that we don’t need a store front. It would be nice to have more space and less obligation to sit there waiting for people to come in. So, perhaps 2016 will bring a bigger and better space…by appointment only.

But let’s not jump that far ahead.

We found that unpainted furniture sold quicker than our fab painted creations. Perhaps partly because of price but also perhaps, people are more conservation when it comes to furniture. So, fewer fully painted pieces and more as-is or restored wood merch coming up. Custom orders make more sense in this area.

We want to expand on our services. That’s a no brainer. The location jobs we had last year worked out really well. The plan was to cater to everyone with this business and we succeeded in that. The shop consisted of mostly very affordable furniture for those on a tight budget while we were able to provide top quality artistic services to clients who were able to pay us for said speciality services. We LOVE the service aspect of the business!

Events and classes. Yeah, only had a few events. We didn’t get around to the classes. The space is kind of small, so we’re still trying to figure that out. Gotta work on that DIY coaching idea though!

So, about this sale…. Some pieces of furniture have been with us from day one and need to go. We’re going to drastically cut prices by this weekend and keep them down until the shop is emptied of older merchandise. Since we’re closed until Wednesday, we’re not doing cuts until then, but if you’ve been eyeing something all this time, feel free to make an offer now.

LIC Moving Sale: Save the Date!

LIC Moving Sale: Save the Date! published on 2 Comments on LIC Moving Sale: Save the Date!


We’re coordinating the moving sale of an office loft that’s loaded with vintage and antique furnishings. Save the date!  The sale will be held on January 23rd, 24th and 25th. Dates may be subject to change, so please add yourself to the mailing list or join the Facebook event page. Of course, we’ll be updating the blog as well.

The exact address will be announced the week of the sale.

The business has been in that particular location for 15 years, so there are multiple vintage desks, filing cabinets and chairs. If you’re into old school computer and printing equipment, there’s plenty of that too! The owner of the company also started collecting architectural salvage and furnishings for a future home restoration, so there are many residential items as well.

We’ve only touched upon the big stuff as there is a lot to move out of the way before identifying what’s for sale, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek. More to follow! Stay tuned.

Flickr album (so far)

2015-01-05 13.41.46

Vintage partner’s desk2015-01-05 13.53.31

Mission Light Fixture2015-01-05 14.00.01

Vintage Hamilton Exam Table2015-01-05 14.53.46

Architectural Salvage including Fireplace Inserts and Summer Covers2015-01-05 15.03.00

Mid Century Table and Chairs
2015-01-05 15.04.47

Card Catalogue

Doggy Fitness in Prospect Park

Doggy Fitness in Prospect Park published on 1 Comment on Doggy Fitness in Prospect Park


Hey! Welcome back to Life After Holidays. Like everyone else, I’m trying to start the new year off right by getting into shape. Since I’d rather be sitting on my ass than exercising, it’s tough to come up with a compelling fitness plan.

Enter Go Fetch Run. An exercise class with your dog? Yep. Hubby and I gave it a trial run on Saturday, each with mutt in hand, and whaddya know? We signed up for the season!

So, what’s the class like? It’s a mix of boot camp and interval training. The only difference is that you get to exercise your dog right by your side. There’s some jogging, burpees, jumping jacks, push ups…the usual dreadful stuff, only it makes it more fun with a dog trying to pull you away. Resistance workout for the arms.

The classes are in Prospect Park and Central Park. Winter schedule is only once a week on Saturday mornings. It costs 5 bucks to give it a shot for the first time. After that, the choice is $20 per class or various packages that would be as low as $10 per class if you actually go all the time.

Don’t have a dog? Borrow one!

Gift Certifcates

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You let it go until the last minute, didn’t you?? You suck! Well, don’t worry. Reclaimed Home is here to save your sorry ass. We’ve got gift certificates. Any denomination. Can be applied towards anything online or in our brick and mortar shop or towards the services we offer.

Services include:

Various painting techniques for walls and floors
Customizing furniture
Funky backsplashes, cabinet refinishing and countertops
Salvage consultation and restoration
DIY home improvement coaching

Support USA, Not China

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2014-12-17 15.23.45

When I show my disgust after finding out that someone is buying cheap Chinese crap at Walmart, the response is always  “Well, I can’t afford to buy American made.” Really?

Here are 5 ways to avoid supporting China this holiday season.

1. Etsy. Handmade right here in the old U.S. of A. The price points vary and there’s something for everyone. BTW, Krrb is the new Etsy. You heard it here first.

2. Vintage. Just because it was made years ago doesn’t mean you’re not supporting the vendor who sells it. Yes, I say this because we sell vintage. Is a cute $5 ceramic tschotske not better than a new piece of plastic? You know it’s better made, even if it was made in China.

3. Gift certificate. Too lazy or busy to shop? Buy an entire family a gift voucher to their favorite restaurant or an ice skating rink. Support the local business and give the recipients a chance to get out and spend some quality time together. Done and done.

4. Make it yourself. Not crafty? If you can cook, babysit, walk a dog or clean a house, you’re offering something of real value. How is this supporting local? It’s keeping money in your pocket that will hopefully be spent somewhere better than Walmart.

5. Buy from us! Recycled AND hand made locally. What more can you ask? No, it’s not as inexpensive as foreign mass produced stuff, but then you have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift didn’t come from the hands of slave labor. (You like how I did that there?)

Reclaimed Sidewalk Sign

Reclaimed Sidewalk Sign published on 1 Comment on Reclaimed Sidewalk Sign


We just finished our brand new sidewalk sign to put out on the corner of Carroll and Franklin! The thought was to just order one online and be done with it but then we remembered how easy it is to build things with threaded pipes. The frame was made from 1/2″ black gas lines and the reclaimed wood is from the back of an antique dresser that was falling apart.

We’ve chained it up because we worry that someone might take it for scrap metal value. #oldschoolnewyorkers

It looks kind of western with the yellowish exterior polyurethane but it’s lovely just the same. Yee-haw!

South Franklin Holiday Stroll

South Franklin Holiday Stroll published on No Comments on South Franklin Holiday Stroll


We are pleased as Punch to be part of the South Franklin Holiday Stroll this coming Saturday, December 13th! Please join us as we celebrate our part of Franklin Avenue south of Eastern Parkway.

Each of the 5 participating businesses will be raffling off an item with a $50 value and there will be fun festivities in each location as well.

Reclaimed Home will be raffling an upcycled set of hooks (below). We’ll have a crafts table set up where you can paint or decoupage your own holiday ornament. Annndd…wine.


Owl and Thistle is raffling a $50 gift certificate or a Taste of Brooklyn gift basket, plus they’ll be giving away Gullah Girl tea samples and wine. There will be a J&L handmade soap pop up shop within the store as well!

Mountain will be gifting a Wild Unknown tarot deck and a Shoyeido incense sampler. They’ll also be offering free food and cordial samples as well as tarot readings.

Ital Kitchen is all about the food, so expect some awesome vegetarian samples from them.

Pulp and Bean has joined us late in the game. Of course they’ll offer more food and drink, so come hungry and thirsty.

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