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Heads Up on Sales and Events! (Goodbye Cruel World)

Heads Up on Sales and Events! (Goodbye Cruel World) published on No Comments on Heads Up on Sales and Events! (Goodbye Cruel World)


Happy Holiday Season!

Oy, it’s been hectic over here at Reclaimed Home. If you’ve been neglectful of reading past emails, you may be surprised to learn that we will no longer be at 945 Carroll as of the end of this month.

Yes, we are closing the shop. It wasn’t a matter of raised rents or slow business. We’re not being pushed out. We are not sad. In fact, having a retail storefront was never a dream, it was more of a whim. Fortunately, the store lease was only two years. We gave it a go and decided it wasn’t our schtick. We’ll miss you all and thank you for being part of our live for the past couple of years.

Which brings us to sales and events.

Here’s the thing. We will still be rockin the holidays big time with our small handmade gift items. We’re still creating them and they will be available after the death of the brick and mortar through our online shop and at craft shows. Actually, all you have to do is go around the corner to Owl and Thistle for our upcycled smalls because they will be taking on some inventory!

But let’s start with the discounts.

Other than the handmades we still have a shitload of merch in the shop that needs to disappear before the end of the month. In fact, it would be nice if it was before Christmas so we can just chillax. That’s why we are starting to slash prices and take best offers starting NOW. Not everything is online, especially smaller tschotskes, so swing by this coming weekend or set up an appointment to dig through stuff in the back or basement during the week. You can see a sampling on This is an ongoing sale until the end of the month. We’ve discounted items but there may still be more wiggle room on some. Just ask!

Now for some holiday cheer…

Save the date for the Crown Heights Holiday Stroll on December 19th! We’re joining Owl and Thistle, Lady J Jewelry, Elements Athletics¬†and probably a few more. Details haven’t been finalized yet, but like last year, shops will be raffling off items, having sales and offering refreshments (some of us, anyway). There will be a separate email for that one, but it’s definitely the 19th and if you’re around you definitely have to come say goodbye as the 20th will be our last official day at the store.

Hope to see some of your punims helping us clear out!

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