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Furniture Transformations

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We were chatting the other day about all the furniture that has come through our shop and realized that we never did before and after shots. So, here you go!

The headboard bench (above) is still available for sale, which puzzles us to no end. Everybody loves it, but nobody has taken it home yet. Seems to be a space issue with Brooklyn apartments. Angel the Carpenter made it out of a headboard and shipping pallet.


This copper lined tub was in the store the day it opened. It took lots of scrubbing and some paint and stain to get it to look beautiful. It left us for New Jersey. stool

Ah, the little stool. The wood was solid but damaged, so we stenciled a nice design to freshen it up. Took longer than we thought to sell, but it did indeed find a loving home.mcmdresser

The mid century dresser was in pretty bad shape when we found it. A couple of drawers were busted, the veneer was chipping. Lots of work went into this one. It went to New Jersey. micky

Still have the Warhol Mickey Mouse mid century coffee table. We find that very colorful furniture sits longer than neutral. We also find that square coffee tables don’t sell as well as rectangular. Bad combo. Lots of work went into this resin covered collage and now the price is down to $110 to move it along. decodresser

Another Angel design. This dresser was the feature in our shop on Grand Opening day! Everybody loved this dresser, but it had to find the right person to buy it. It went to a woman in Manhattan after a few months in the store. desk

This desk was put online in as-is condition for a decent price. After a couple of weeks, we fixed it up and stenciled parts of it. Then it sold within a few days to a woman in Park Slope. trunk

We love to do trunks. It’s a straightforward restoration and they always sell quickly. The ebony stained trunk didn’t even last a full day before a couple from, I believe, Williamsburg (?) claimed it. We are all about ebony stain these days. We’ve also done several trunks with the usual golden and red oak stain.

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