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Ebay Listings published on No Comments on Ebay Listings


Little known tidbit: Reclaimed Home has had eBay listings up since the beginning of time but we never actually linked to them on the shop page until now. It was kind of a separate entity for items we didn’t know how to price. Ebay is our appraiser.

Ebay is a funny thing that we can’t seem to figure out. We’ve had some really fabulous items sit there without any bids. 1960’s Waterford crystal with a low starting bid, great light fixtures that do tend to sell better there than on the shop page.

It’s surprising to us what does fetch the highest prices. A 1980’s sculpture from the Metropolitan Museum gift shop (above) that we would have marked at $60 in the physical store sold to someone in Australia for $375.  A prop knife from the 1997 film “Titanic” (below) that we found in a box of vintage jewelry is currently up to $81.


Be sure to check out our eBay page because you may be able to pick up some bargains if nobody else is bidding.

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