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Silent Auction This Wednesday!

Silent Auction This Wednesday! published on No Comments on Silent Auction This Wednesday!


Ah, auction week is upon us.  In preparation, we have enough new merchandise so you can’t turn around in the shop if there are more than three people.  Eggggcelllent.  The plan is to empty the store completely of the older pieces.  So, are you in?

Refreshments will be served and 10% discounts will be offered on ALL items in the shop!  If you can’t make it, try contacting us on Thursday to see if your desired item is still available.  We probably won’t be able to monitor online and phone-in bids during the auction.

Here’s a taste of what’s up for sale.  If nobody else bids, you get it for the starting price.


Mid Century Hutch.   One of the items that is just too big and adult-like for many NYC apartments.  It’s too big for our shop also!


Antique Stove Base Coffee Table.  Speaking of too big, everybody loves this table and nobody has room for it! Got a back yard? Use it as a bench or planter.  It’s very versatile!


Mid Century Metal Patio Set.  And speaking of back yard….got one?  This lightweight outdoor furniture folds up for easy storage in a corner, which is why it hasn’t sold.  Nobody sees it in the shop.


Cherub Grotto.  Tacky is the new chic!  Come on, you can’t go wrong for 25 bucks.


Hand Made Veneer Shelves.  The one brand new piece we have in the store and not a soul has seen it in person because we’re using it behind the desk.  Someone put a lot of work into this sweet little thing.


Mid Century TV Cabinet. We can’t go too low on pieces that we worked on but this came to us inexpensively and didn’t take too long to finish.


Antique Child’s Desk.  We love it but we bought it for a good price, so we can pass the savings along.


Mid Century Atomic Enamel Cookware. They are the coolest things ever but four pots actually take up quite a bit of real estate in a shop of our size.

Ok, that’s all you’re getting for now.  We said a “taste”.  You have to get over to the shop on Wednesday evening to partake in the full menu.  Hope to see you there! And don’t get lost!

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