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As Is. Make an Offer

As Is. Make an Offer published on No Comments on As Is. Make an Offer


Yo, check it out.  We have a whole load of projects-in-waiting that we are ready to share with our fellow DIYers for a low price.  What kind of prices? Make offers! Yes, they look nasty now, but if you’re handy, you know what you can do with them. Go for it!

The wheel table is by far the coolest piece we have. We just picked it up from Long Island yesterday where someone left it outdoors for years. We know that if we took it apart and worked on it, we would have to charge in the $1500 range, but we also know the amount of work involved, so we’d rather let some other savvy person take it on.  Looking for the ultimate most awesomest project? Make an offer!


Another cool-as-shit piece that gives us a headache when we think about the amount of work it needs. Someone did a terrible paint job and it just needs stripping and repainting. No structural repairs needed. Whatddya wanna give us for it?


Piano bench in need of a bit of scrape ‘n paint. 


Could be a sweet side table with some TLC.


Oh boy, this is an easy project. It’s not in bad shape after all.  We’re just throwing it in because it’s been in the basement for awhile.IMG_9240A decent mid century coffee table that unfortunately, has a white top.  We haven’t bothered with it yet because it’s not a solid wood top, but if you like white…hey, go for it!  Otherwise, there are definitely ways to deal with the melamine.

Sweet two tier mid century round side table.


Not really a project so much as something we have in our basement that we’re willing to let go for cheeep.

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