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Reclaimed Home and Garden, New York Times

Reclaimed Home and Garden, New York Times published on 4 Comments on Reclaimed Home and Garden, New York Times


Oh, what have we here?  To quote Manilow, “looks like we made it”….to the New York Times Home and Garden section!

Didjya see it??

How does one get in the NYT?  By being a pushy pain in the ass.  Seriously, reporter Helene Stapinkski was incredibly sweet and somewhat brave to submit an article about two Mid Century women (They quoted that one!) just getting started in the salvage business.  She did her own fact checking and then the Times called to fact check her facts.  Very professional, that Times. They’ll go far.

Hopefully this will make us so busy that we can hire a couple of schleppers to save our old lady backs.  And feet.  Oy, the feet!

Oh PS:  As a semi-retired professional photographer who spent many years in the biz, I (Phyllis) can finally say that I was published in The Times.  Photo isn’t credited and it’s just a piece of merchandise but I’ll know.

And PPS: We’ll never forget our first online article by Casa Cara, who came to support us at our Grand Opening.


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