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Why Oscar Madison Was A Green Pioneer

Why Oscar Madison Was A Green Pioneer published on No Comments on Why Oscar Madison Was A Green Pioneer


*Originally published February 13, 2008. RIP Oscar!

Oscar Madison was the original architect of the green movement. While Felix was singlehandedly destroying the ozone layer with his aerosol spray cans, Oscar was all about conservation.

Here are some tips on how you can help save the earth by practicing the art of slovenliness. I’m channeling Oscar here, but I’ll throw in a few of my own.

1. Don’t wash your clothes. Throw them on the floor and wear them a few more times. Conserve water.

2. Leave dirty dishes in sink. Rinse only as needed.

3. Oscar saved food behind cushions. This cuts down on refrigeration.

4. Wiping your hands on window curtains reduces use of paper towels.

5. Vacuuming uses up too much electric. Mopping wastes water. The floor is only going to get dirty again. Clean it once a month at most.

6. Use bedding and towels until they smell. Really bad. Laundry not only wastes water, but electric and/or gas.

7. Why shower so often? Who are you trying to impress anyway?

8. The more you change kitty litter, the more litter and plastic garbage bags are used. Let it go for awhile.

9. Same with baby diapers. You use cloth? Big woop. Washing and drying them uses energy.

10. Don’t pick up after your dog. Save the plastic bags.

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