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Gone for Now

Gone for Now published on No Comments on Gone for Now

With many NYC residents still living in the cold and dark, the damaged businesses are not on our minds as much. But did your realize that we have temporarily lost some solid historic establishments?

The New York Aquarium got flooded in the storm. Everyone is ok, thanks to the staff who stayed on to protect them. The aquarium is closed until further notice while they clean out and get back on track. They are asking for donations to help move things along as the animals do need to get back to normalcy.

River Cafe

 The River Cafe  sustained multiple millions worth of damage. They will remain closed until further notice.

Fairway in Red Hook put out all of their flooded food for people to take and gutted the building. They promise to be back better than ever.

National Guard Vehicles in Coney Island

The original Nathans on Surf Avenue will not reopen soon according to their Facebook page. It doesn’t mean they won’t reopen. They just have lots of work to do. The boardwalk Nathans sustained less damage.

There are so many businesses that have been around for years that will struggle to make it back in all of the boroughs. Actually, if The Bronx got hit at all, I haven’t heard anything about it.

Currently closed:

El Greco Diner in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club

Cross Bay Diner, Howard Beach

South Street Seaport Museum, NYC

Rockaway Taco and Veggie Island are being used as volunteer staging grounds but they are closed for business.

Apologies to Staten Island and New Jersey for not knowing the areas well enough to report on them.

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