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ReStore Redhook Fund for Small Businesses

ReStore Redhook Fund for Small Businesses published on No Comments on ReStore Redhook Fund for Small Businesses

100% of donations given to Restore Red Hook will be dispersed among the small businesses of the Red Hook Community.

Business are encouraged to apply here:

Folks are encouraged to donate here:

Deb here:  My own t-shirt design business that started in 2003, would not have existed with out the talent and hard work of my printer, who has been based in Red Hook for many many years. Having just made the move to the downstairs of his building just 4 months ago- sadly his entire warehouse, along with the other businesses in the building was 4 feet+ high in water.  Subsequently all of his equipment and thus livelihood and the work of the people he employs and has been severely set back.  Hopefully Fema/SBA will fill some gaps, however a fund Restore Redhook, has been started by members of the community, working to help the community, with out a loan.
If you are looking for a place to donate funds that will go directly to assist small businesses, and a community, we recommend checking them out.

From their site

The purpose of the ReStore Red Hook fund is to help reopen the doors of our community based businesses quickly as possible and to reinvigorate and ReStore our extraordinary neighborhood. Therefore, ReStore Red Hook funds are to be used solely for the purposes of rebuilding/reassembling your business so that you can reopen, and continue to be a vital part of the community.

This fund was established by members of the community who feel that ReStoring Red Hook’s community-based businesses is not simply important to the individuals businesses, but is crucial to the neighborhoods vitality as a whole. We feel that our strength is in the synergistic relationships we enjoy as a community and that we are stronger and are all better served collectively rather than separately.

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