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Weekend Volunteer Opportunities

Weekend Volunteer Opportunities published on No Comments on Weekend Volunteer Opportunities

Another list of volunteer opportunities for this weekend from Bill de Blasio. If you live in a neighborhood that was not hit by the storm, it seems like everything is hunky dory. But it’s not. There are New Yorkers still living without heat and lights. They can’t do laundry, they can’t get food, they can’t get gas to go shopping, even if their cars weren’t destroyed. They rely on volunteers like you!


Join Councilman James Oddo to help clean-up and distribute supplies to residents.

599 Father Capadono Boulevard
Friday, November 9th, 9am-5pm.
Saturday, November 10th, 9am-5pm.
Sunday, November 11th, 9am-5pm.

RSVP here

Join Rebuild Staten Island for its 3-day “Mega Cleanup”

780 Olympia Boulevard
Friday, November 9 to Sunday, November 11, 9am-7pm: RSVP here


Help the Red Hook Initiative deliver hot meals to residents.

767 Hicks Street
Friday, November 9th, 10am-6:30pm: RSVP here

Friends of Firefighters needs volunteers to help do physical labor at individual homes as well as volunteers to help sort and distribute donations.

South Brooklyn
Friday, November 9th, 10am-3pm.
Saturday, November 10th, 10am-3pm.
Sunday, November 11th, 10am-3pm.

RSVP here.

Occupy Sandy needs experienced construction workers are needed to help large scale community construction and clean-up projects.
Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew, 520 Clinton Avenue

Saturday, November 10, 7:30-10:30am: RSVP here

Occupy Sandy needs volunteers to prepare and serve meals, sort and distribute donations, and conduct outreach.

St Jacobi Lutheran Church, 5406 4th Avenue
Friday, November 9th, 10am-3pm.
Saturday, November 10th, 10am-3pm.
Sunday, November 11th, 10am-3pm:.

RSVP here.

The Jewish Association Serving the Aging needs volunteers are needed in Brighton Beach to check on residents and help walk hot meals to elderly residents on high floors. Russian speaking volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

Brighton Beach
Friday, November 10th, 10am-3pm: RSVP here

The Brooklyn YWCA needs volunteers are needed to bring meals up and down stairs to homebound residents in Gowanus.

420 Baltic Street
Friday, November 9, 3pm – 4pm: RSVP here

The Brooklyn YWCA needs one car needed to transport food from downtown Brooklyn to Gowanus.

30 Third Avenue
Friday, November 9, 2:30pm-3pm: RSVP here

FilmoreCares needs volunteers to sort and deliver supplies, assist with clean-ups, and assess community needs.

2990 Avenue U
Friday, November 9th, 10am-6pm.
Saturday, November 10th, 10am-6pm.
Sunday, November 11th, 10am-6pm.

RSVP here.


Councilman James Sanders needs volunteers are needed to help conduct a massive clean-up of Far Rockaway.

1526 Central Avenue, Far Rockaway
Saturday, November 10th, 10am.
Sunday, November 11th, 10am.

RSVP here.


Holy Apostles needs volunteers to help operate its soup kitchen, which serves over 1,200 meals daily.

296 Ninth Avenue (at 28th Street)
Friday, November 9, 9:30am-1pm: RSVP here

Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES) needs volunteers to help sort and load donations.

169 171 Avenue B
Friday, November 9th, 12pm-6pm: RSVP here
Saturday, November 10th, 12pm-6pm: RSVP here

Congregation Ohab Zedek will take a bus of volunteers from uptown to the Rockaways to help with clean-up.

118 West 95th Street
Sunday, November 11, 10am.

RSVP for Manhattan events above.

Volunteers are needed to help restore the Manhattan Youth Community Center in lower Manhattan.

120 Warren Street
RSVP here.
Sunday, November 11, 11:30am-1:30pm: RSVP here

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