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New York City Coalition Against Hunger: Help to Help

New York City Coalition Against Hunger: Help to Help published on No Comments on New York City Coalition Against Hunger: Help to Help

Always with their good works ( I know first hand from working there a few years back – DRG) The Coalition Against Hunger is mobilizing.

Right now ( as in today) they need help distributing 20,000 blankets!

New York City Coalition Against Hunger

We are in need of a lot of volunteers at the Shorefront Y today. We are expecting a truck to arrive around 1:30 filled with a donation of 20,000 blankets. Help is needed to unload the truck, as well as distributing the blankets, along with food & water to homebound seniors throughout the neighborhood.

Please share this status with your friends!

Support Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts!
We’ve been posting all available volunteer opportunities on our Facebook page, so please visit our Facebook page to see how you can volunteer in Sandy relief efforts.
To contact our volunteer staff, please email

NYCCAH staff is working to ensure that food is being properly distributed as well as ensuring that systems are in place to provide replacement and disaster SNAP (food stamps) benefits.
Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. Your contribution will support both short-term, direct relief to Hurricane Sandy victims and long-term assistance for low-income New Yorkers.



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