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One of the Lucky Ones

One of the Lucky Ones published on No Comments on One of the Lucky Ones


Finally got over to the house yesterday. I was first of all, happy to see my neighbors whom had stayed during the evacuation. Then I was relieved to see that the house is still standing. When my neighbor told me that my basement was flooded, I was like “That’s it?”


The water had gone down to about 5 inches deep but it was clearly up to about 5 feet because everything up at a height had sand on it. Things that I put on the sawhorse to keep off ┬áthe ground ended up on the floor. I’m pretty sure they floated there.

I estimate about $10-15k worth of damage including a new boiler and water heater, washer and dryer. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to salvage the cabinets I spent time painting. Also gone is the sweet blue dresser I bought to use as a sink vanity.

There is a roof leak and some siding that was pulled off, but nothing drastic. I’m proud of the house. It put up a good fight against Sandy. Interiors above basement were untouched!


So, that’s my story. What’s going in the rest of Rockaway? Well true, it looks like a war zone. Debris, burnt and water damaged houses, cars piled on top of each other.


It wasn’t as depressing as I thought it would be. The people who stayed and survived were plentiful. They were out cleaning up their homes and they were grateful to be alive. That’s what to take away from this: It could have been worse. We’re not hearing the real death toll on the news. One neighbor mentioned that it was up to 100 yesterday in Rockaway alone. Those are the truly unfortunate people. Everyone else can rebuild. And for godsakes, think about those people who lost their lives, their loved ones or their homes before you whine about not having power!

One last rose-colored-glasses comment. I was inspired to see a community working together to move past this. There were numerous first responders, government agencies and even the ASPCA helping out, for which I am thankful.

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