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More Stuff for Stoop Sale

More Stuff for Stoop Sale published on No Comments on More Stuff for Stoop Sale


Valley of the Creepy Dolls

Oy. How did I collect so much stuff? I can’t even see half the crap in my basement. Fuggedaboutit! So, here are some photos of a few more things I found. Hope to see you at the stoop sale on Saturday. We’ll schmooze. You can meet my dogs. Maybe take some stuff off my hands so I don’t have to schlep it back into the house? Oh wait…it might rain. Maybe the sale will take place IN my house and not on the stoop. Whatev. It’s rain or shine!


What home is complete without a creepy clown painting? You know you want him!


Black velvet painting. Very classy. Unfortunately, she has a rip. Yours for 5 bucks.


There are hinges and pulls and knobs and old tools. Guy things. Ya know.

Flickr set.

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