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Closing Shop

Closing Shop published on 2 Comments on Closing Shop

Since I’ll be graduating from reinventing small items to entire houses, the Reclaimed Home Etsy shop is getting phased out. You won’t see me at fleas or crafts fairs either, not that you have in a long while.

So, listen up. I’m having a “Movin’ On Up” Etsy sale. Everything is 40% off. If you’re local and want to rummage through my handmade merch and vintage goodies, I may prefer that to packing hundreds of boxes filled with $5.00 items. Load a box of goodies and get it for a steal.

For other vendors, there are also crafting and upcycling supplies, packing materials and event supplies like a usable but broken tent and some tables, etc.

The original plan was to have a big stoop sale at the end of June. I’ll probably still do that but I thought a smaller, invite-only thing would be a nice lazy start. Say, next weekendish? Drop me a line or leave a comment and I’ll see if I can open house for a few people at one go.


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