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London for the Holidays

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Want to go away for the holidays? Here’s a deal. A Wimbledon studio with a balcony for £400 per week. It’s my brother in law’s flat and he’ll be out of town December 20th-January 7th. Sublet it for the entire time or a shorter stay.

The flat is located in a suburban area within 10 minute walk of Wimbledon Station which is about 20 minutes to the center of London. Wimbledon itself has some nice restaurants and shopping.

The studio has a separate kitchen and one bathroom. There’s a washer/dryer, toaster, coffee maker, wifi and DVD player. It’s up 3 flights of stairs, so good news for you if you want the exercise. Not so good if you can’t do the steps.

This will be available during the Olympics, but it won’t be £400.

You want in? Email Me and I’ll pass it along to him.

Flat plan

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