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Etsy on Small Biz and Sustainability

Etsy on Small Biz and Sustainability published on No Comments on Etsy on Small Biz and Sustainability

Etsy conferences will be taking place around the globe this weekend. Ok, well the main one is in Berlin and there are some satellite conferences in the US. Brooklyn is wait list only at this point, but you can RSVP here for the live stream.

What’s the difference between an Etsy conference and a dental or a realtor’s conference? Probably just the dress code and mode of transportation. Anyone without a bike and skinny jeans need not apply to the Etsy conference.

I kid, I kid. These are some serious crafters. And Etsy is THE force behind it all. There will be lectures and workshops on everything from setting up your business to post production. If you have a small business of any kind, it wouldn’t hurt to stream this baby.

Hopefully, it will be up on the World Wide Web as a video in foreverland as some of us aren’t available to see it this weekend.

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