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WTF Craigslist Ads

WTF Craigslist Ads published on No Comments on WTF Craigslist Ads

Did you ever notice some of those crazy Craigslist ads? Like, why are these people selling things they should be throwing in the garbage? Why can’t they figure out how to take a picture?

Take the photo above. Great picture, right? Good for them. Phone cord: $1. These people photographed . every. item. in. their. sale. A tong: $1. A plastic spatchula: $1. Who has the time for this? And who wants to go out of their way to buy these things when you can get them at the local 99 cents store? Phone cords? Hell, I have several at the bottom of my desk drawer. They’re all tangled and unused. Want one? Free.


This bed and mattress are for sale. HOW F*CKIN’ LAZY ARE YOU THAT YOU CAN’T MAKE YOUR BED BEFORE PHOTOGRAPHING IT????!!!! Come on, man!


The funny thing about this piece isn’t the out of focus photo. It’s the price. Only $200,250. Or maybe it’s $2,002.50. Plus, it’s listed in midtown. If you read further, it’s actually 10 minutes from midtown. That probably means Queens or Roosevelt Island.


Nothing wrong with this cute coffee table. Except it’s listed as a bookcase. Is it me or is this a coffee table? I could be wrong.

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