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A Visit to Vaccaro’s Salvage

A Visit to Vaccaro’s Salvage published on 4 Comments on A Visit to Vaccaro’s Salvage


We needed to match a couple of Victorian ball tip door hinges so we finally got to visit the new Vaccaro’s location on the Park Slope/Carrol Gardens border.

Vaccaro Brothers Scrap Metal had been selling wholesale and retail out of a garage on 15th Street for about 50 years. The family had been in the scrap metal business for around 50 years prior to that. Now you can find Roy Vaccaro’s “New York Old Iron” right under the F train el near the Lowe’s parking lot.

The specialty here is iron. Gates, stoop ballusters and posts. If you’re looking to re-do the front of your brownstone stoop as we will be soon, this is the place. Be sure to have photos and measurements if you’re ready to get going on your project. Lots of pieces look similar but won’t necessarily work together.

Vaccaro’s has a decent selection of doors and sinks. There isn’t much furniture or wood as this is an outdoor place and only so much is sheltered from harsh weather.


Here’s an example of the pricing….We did find our hinges. Well, not really. We picked up 4 more ornate ones instead for $10 apiece. They’ll need stripping, but no biggie. Olde Good Things charges $125 for 3 of the same hinges, stripped. Less expensive places are around $25 apiece. So, not a bad deal.

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