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Renovation: Things To Be Thankful For

Renovation: Things To Be Thankful For published on 5 Comments on Renovation: Things To Be Thankful For


There’s always something. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Either your toilet has sprung a leak or it won’t flush.

All I wanted to do was chase some cracks yesterday. Did I want to take the all the plaster down to the scratch coat? No! But the plaster had something else in mind. What really sucks is that I’m terrible at plastering. Not my forte. So this is going to be a project. Nah, it’s not. Because I’m just gonna get it done and not worry how it looks or how long it will last. Sorry, but I’m tired of living in the bed room already.


So, it got me thinking. “Phyllis”, I said, “Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.” Here’s a list of things that we should be thankful for.

1. All the plaster came down?

Hey, at least it didn’t come off down to the lath.

2. Your roof leaks?

At least you have a roof over your head.

3. Noisy heating pipes?

You’re warm, aren’t you?

4. Your bathtub is clogged?

People bathe in the Ganges. Deal with it.

5. Front door hanging of the hinges?

Ok, you should really fix that sh*t before you get broken into. But the good news is, it’s an easy 1 day job.

6. Paint peeling?

Oh, come on. It’s just paint. Please see plaster photos.

7. Frozen pipe burst?

Well, you’ve learned a valuable lesson here. Turn off water to hose in winter and insulate your pipes.

8. You’ve discovered wood rot when taken up a floor?

Good thing you uncovered it so it can be dealt with!

9. Boiler died, huh?

Well, that sucks. But you’ll get much better energy efficiency with your replacement boiler.

10.Your cats pee everywhere but the litterbox and your house stinks?

I do love them. I do love them. I do love them.

Got any of your own? Come on, share!



Hey I have some:

My sink in the bathroom is rotted and the super still hasn’t replaced it;
Well at least I have a bathroom, some people still pee in outhouses.

Our apartment is too small for two people and we can’t afford a bigger place right now:
Well at least we have each other……

They are still giving us heat even when it is 60 degrees outside and they never come to replace the valve on the radiator soo we can turn it down ourselves;
Well at least we know we will never be cold… even in the summer months

Our cats pee everywhere:
Well yes we love them

what –you have a stop work order because the contractor you hired showed you fake permits?

um at least you have a chance to ummm save some money for 5 months

what said same contractor did all the plumbing wrong and it all has to be done over for more than the initial cost???

ummmmm ummmmmm ummmmm atleast it will ultimately be done crrectly and the pipes won’t explode in the walls?????

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