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Carnival of the Green #167!

Carnival of the Green #167! published on 8 Comments on Carnival of the Green #167!


At last! My long awaited hosting spot for Carnival of the Green! I signed up over a year ago and wasn’t even sure if I’d still have a blog by now. But I do. And it’s game on!

Firstly, thanks to Lighter Footstep for hosting last week’s Carnival. Please check them out!

Want to learn more about hosting or submitting posts? Find out at Treehugger.

And now, without further adieu, may I present this week’s Carnival #167 ala Reclaimed Home…..

From Ancient Wisdom Modern Mind, Kerry ponders What affect do our Thoughts, have on Our Health, Our Relationship and Our Environment? Really interesting article.

C Richey writes about the Green Products Showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show on Las Vegas Realty. When I first saw it was from a Vegas RE firm, I thought they were trying to pass one over on us, but no, it’s a legit green article right outta Vegas, baby!

Dana from A Very Nearly Tea sends us Trash For My Garden. Unfortunately, my black thumb was all like “Wha?” But it’s a great article for anyone even THINKING of their garden.

Read up on Five Eco Ideas for Your Holidays. That’s vacation to us Americans. Mircea posted that one on Journey Etc. Gotta bookmark this.

Here’s one I like. Something for free! Dr. Joseph M. Peck, PhD fills us in one Free Tote Bags over at Eco Joe’s. Three different offers. And I here I am paying 99 cents!

Heather  from The Greenest Dollar does a nice review of three Green Wines. That means boxed, ladies and gents. Remember I got over that snobbery here a few months ago.

Marty Hayes of Ethical Superstore brings us the A to Z Guide of Fair Trade. That’s a keeper. Must bookmark!

Julie of Thrifty Frugality shares Healthy Food on a Thrifty Budget. A list of practical tips for eating healthy on a budget. Green doesn’t have to be expensive, ya know!

David presents Just Because It Was OK In The Past Does Not Mean That It Still Is. posted at The Good Human. Warning: If you want to keep your head in the sand, don’t read it.

Verna Morris gives us her Top 100 Organic Living Blogs over at Radiography Schools. Wow, 100? With descriptions? Verna was hard at work!

Speaking of overachievers, Peter of  We Overstep sent in not one, not two, but three submissions. The blog ain’t called “We Overstep” for nothing. There’s a Go Vegan post and a Raw Vegan article. He also posted some of his Ireland photos. Get it? Emerald Isle? Green?

Myscha Theriault sent us Green for Girls: A Feminine Perspective  posted at Wise Bread. Ok, this is a must read! You should’ve seen the wide eyed, jaw dropped look on my face as viewed the post. I consider myself an eco-conscious soul, but a menstrual collection cup? Sorry, I’m just not ready to go there yet.

People are complaining about all the little water bottles floating around, but what about the Brita filters? Huh? Well, Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish gives us the rundown with her Gimme 5, Brita, Preserve and You.

Ken Kneidel used an ecological footprint test to compare the benefit of driving a hybrid car to the benefit of a eating a vegan diet. Which one reduced his footprint more?  Read Less Meat Smaller Footprint from Veggie Revolution to find out!  It includes links so you can figure out your own.

James the Beacon Artist has been dumpster obsessed. Check out all of his dumpster posts here.

Julena presents Organic Skin Care on a Budget posted at Organic Makeup and Skin Care.

Barry Wright III gives us (Almost) No Trash: An Inspiration at 3stylelife.

Travelcat4 wonders Where Does All The Plastic Go? over at Eco Friendly House And Garden. She also offers up travel tips at Eco Holidays and Green Holidays. She also blogged about ASUS Technology – Leading The Green Revolution! posted at Latest Inventions. She’s a busy gal.

Darren Collins is talking shit with his Green Manure Crops posted at

Finally, Traci Hayner Vanover presents Americans Show Increased Interest in “Voluntourism” posted at News About Green Living.

Oh wait…Anne from Sustainable Flatbush just woke late in the game to send her Worm Potluck Post. Warning: Yucky worm photos!


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