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Playing with Dolls

Playing with Dolls published on 2 Comments on Playing with Dolls


I was looking for vintage doll parts. Now I have so many dolls I don’t know what to do with them all! When I started out this morning, I really wanted to alter the Barbies, but then I realized I had to figure out how to sew to do what I wanted to. So, I skipped that and started with the easy stuff. Drillin’, screwin’ and gluin’.



Baby needs a collar. I liked the height that the wood added, but I’m not grooving to the wood. If it was a bit shorter…


Nothing like a naked redhead for the table top.


Painted salvaged parquet tile. Ready to hang.


Since I don’t advocate smoking, let’s call this a jewelry holder instead of an ashtray. Actually, it probably shouldn’t be near heat anyway since the sides are plastic.


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