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Save the Brooklyn Flea!

Save the Brooklyn Flea! published on 15 Comments on Save the Brooklyn Flea!


What happened to Brooklyn? It used to be so cool when it was uncool. Now it’s full of a bunch of grumpy NIMBY whiners. Apparently, a flea market is an unwelcome occurrence.

People are bitching about the Brooklyn Flea already, 3 months into the endeavor. It seems that the nearby church is peeved that the vendors are taking their double parking rights on a Sunday morning. I don’t think that was said outright, but come on, what else could it be? On top of that, there are some neighborhood people complaining about….actually, I don’t know what their gripe is. But this is Fort Greene. It usen’t to be so….complainy.

The market sustains over 150 vendors per week (including moi).

The market generates income for the school.

The market employs 15 people part time.

The market is economic stimulus for Fort Greene.

And this is bad, how?

You know what? Screw you, Ft Greene! We’d love to have the flea in Bed Stuy! We could use the economic stimulus.

Councilwoman Letitia James is trying to save the flea and you can too.

A town hall meeting will be held Thursday, July 24, at 7 p.m. at the Queen of All Saints’ Roman Catholic Church, 300 Vanderbilt near Lafayette.

Via Daily Intel


The Brooklyn Flea is hands down one of the best things that has happened in the area! Last Sunday, I scored a record by my fave band (“The Royal Scam” by Steely Dan), so I’m 100% in favor of The Flea. To hell with these people with their negative attitudes and their “let’s keep Brookyn the way it was” mindset.

Right on. It totally is about the church feeling less important on the
block. I was told they even offered the church a free booth to do outreach. I think they should have taken up the booth to invite people to at least step in and look at the church inside as a landmark/beautiful church and also have the doors open with greeters inviting passersby in but I guess it’s all services all day Sunday. Even so I am sure it’s beautiful inside and people would step in and look if invited in by some greeters/the booth in the Flea, and then the would inevitably catch a few wayward souls looking for a spiritual home who would then become parishioners and give money, and that’s what it’s all about. But since they don’t want to capitalize on the free booth, or the crowds going by, I guess they don’t need money as a parish. They just want the double parking. Too bad, so sad. Don’t they know that ever since shops were allowed to open on Sundays, circa 1980, shopping trumps church on Sundays in New York? And everywhere else in America, pretty much? That just caught up to them.

I am glad Councilwoman James is on our side but if you think for two seconds how much money we as vendors and all the shoppers spend on Sundays buying water, sandwiches (vendors) meals and drinks, brunch (shoppers), etc. all day on DeKalb, you’d have to be crazy not to!

I parked near that church one Sunday a.m. while visiting a friend who lives on Clermont. I returned to find my car blocked in by two cars. I had to go to the church and complain. Ten minutes later, two drivers come out, don’t apologize or acknowledge their gaffe in any way, and shoot me dirty looks. So much for being a good Christian. Viva Brooklyn Flea!

I’m going to try to be at the meeting. It seems like a no brainer that this is good for the community. And I don’t care if Jon Butler is making money, he should be. He did the work to put it together, he brought on Eric Demby to run it, and both of them are up at the crack of dawn to make it work. Of course they should make money. That’s what running a business is about, and this is a business.

Well, I agree, Bed Stuy will take it in a heartbeat, and that would certainly be good for me as well, as I could roll my stuff down Nostrand Ave to the Girl’s HS, it’s only 6 blocks away. Boys High on Marcy would also be a great location, much more scenic, but I don’t think their parking lot is as big. And Concord Baptist might not be too thrilled. OK – I vote for Girls High.

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