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101 Uses For White Vinegar

101 Uses For White Vinegar published on 2 Comments on 101 Uses For White Vinegar


White distilled vinegar is the one product no household should be without. Here’s my top 10 list of uses for that magic liquid. You didn’t really think I’d come up with 101, did you? Go to this site for more.

1. Cat pee! This is the #1 concern in my house where 6 cats run amok pissing wherever they please. I do the Nature’s Miracle thing, but if I’m too rushed to wipe down and then clean, vinegar will take care of all. Some say that vinegar will only attract the cats to do it again. Others insist it’s a deterrent. I’ve found that my cats will do it again no matter what I use, so I gave up on any theories long ago.

2. Brass and other metal. Vinegar is aces when it comes to removing tarnish and polishing brass, pewter and copper. Did I just say “aces”? Full brass cleaning tips here.

3. Windows and glass. Everybody knows that one, right? What? Are you still using that blue stuff?

4. Wood floors. The verdict is still out on this one. Here’s why. The acidic nature of vinegar will eventually etch the polyurethane surface protecting the wood. If the floors are cleaned regularly over years it will leave microscopic surface scratches that cause light to deflect in ways and that reduces the shine. My thoughts? If it takes years, won’t you be sanding your floors again anyway? I don’t know about you, but microscopic scratches are not the worst thing happening to my floors. Not by a long shot! Have I mentioned the cats? Ooh, and the dogs with their nails.

5. Rust. Soak rusted tool parts and bolts in vinegar overnight.

6. Faucet corrosion. Again, remove and soak overnight. Use vinegar to unclog shower heads and take care of soapy build up on all bathroom/kitchen fixtures.

7. Ants. Supposedly deters ants. I never tried this. Used a lavender solution once which worked for about a week. Smelled good though.

8. Wood cleaner. Vinegar with linseed oil or even olive oil to clean wood. See #4 though.

9. Remove paint splatters, decals and wallpaper. I’ve only ever used warm water, but “they” say vinegar does the trick!

10. Soften paint brushes. Leave your paint brush lying around too long when it wasn’t properly washed? I do it all the time! Soak brushes in hot vinegar before washing in sudsy water.



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