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Flea Finds

Flea Finds published on No Comments on Flea Finds

Well, it didn’t rain. But the sun doesn’t like Sundays lately. What did Sunday ever do to The Sun to deserve this? Anyhoo, the market wasn’t jam packed this week, what with Passover and the Pope in town, there were only a bunch of heathens like myself lurking about. Still, I only managed to get down 2 aisles.



Finally got to Lewis Jaffe’s booth after 2 weeks. He comes from Philadelphia with Victorian hardware from demolished buildings in the area. He’s also a “book plate junkie” hence the name of his blog. Not something I’d consider myself interested in, but it is actually fascinating stuff. It’s an art form that many people (or just me) forget about. Lew Jaffe is in space L8.



Shoprico is a chi chi design firm on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. They represent various furniture and lighting designers alongside the work of founder Rico Espinet. But what grabbed my attention at the market were their big molds. They sell huge sand molds that are ready to display. How cool are these things? Space L14

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