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Etsy Find: Neil Collins

Etsy Find: Neil Collins published on No Comments on Etsy Find: Neil Collins


Neil Collins had me at the mask. Very Darth Vader meets Hannial Lecter, no? The wall sculpture is made from an oil painted antique gas mask with new nylon straps attached to the frame by steel rings. Rings are hand made from the metal of a football helmet face guard. The frame is welded steel painted in a pattern of alternating black and bare steel. Entire work, apart from glass, is sealed. $500.


The coffee table is a collaboration with a ceramic artist. The frame for the top is a cast iron machine part. Legs were made from fabricated rings and bent steel rod in order to support the oversized bolts. $700.


Ceramic artist, Christina Devine collaborated with Neil on the table above. The tiles were made from machine parts, lace and mesquite leaves. The rusty hand sculpted table is coated so it won’t further rust or stain anything it comes into contact with. $900.

Neil Collins is in Tucson, AZ.

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