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Kate Pierson’s Inn: Rocket Through the Wilderness

Kate Pierson’s Inn: Rocket Through the Wilderness published on 6 Comments on Kate Pierson’s Inn: Rocket Through the Wilderness



First of all, who doesn’t love The B-52’s and their sense of style? Kate Pierson (the redhead) is the proprietor of the Lazy Meadow Motel located in Mt Tremper, NY. Let’s just say if a motel could be a rock star, Lazy Meadow would be Kate Pierson.

The 1950’s cabins are situated on 9 acres fronted by the Esopus Creek. Decor is mid century modern/retro/50’s kitsch. Each suite has a different theme. There are two vintage airstream trailers which look even cooler than the cabins. Kate had design help from her friends William Stewart Design and tile artists Phillip Maberry and Scott Walker, original owners of, yes, The Love Shack.

Here’s my “pet” peeve: An animal rights activist, Kate has set aside (only) one room that is pet friendly. For an additional $25 per night, you can bring little Stinky, who must be under 25 pounds. As the mommy of 2 large dogs, I call that sizest!

You’re what? Tin roof….rust!


8:52 and Reclaimed Home, wow, thanks! That always bothered me, but not enough to actually look it up.

As far as the little/big dog issue…little dogs bark more. I won’t fault Kate Pierson since this is her property, but it would be nice for someone to have a BIG dog friendly vacation hotel. Does anyone know of one?

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