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Eco X: Recycled Concrete

Eco X: Recycled Concrete published on 2 Comments on Eco X: Recycled Concrete


Via Get With The Green

Meld USA, a concrete manufacturer out of North Carolina launched a line of recycled concrete countertops a few month ago.

Eco X is comprised of 76% recycled content from post-consumer bottle glass and post-industrial fiberglass in a cement base. The raw material used in the process comes from suppliers located within 500 miles of their manufacturing facility. The products are sealed with low VOC sealer. Countertops are stain resistant but not stain proof.

12 colors are available as is custom matching. The company can also customize texture and design. The product will eventually take on a patina, much like concrete counters.

No dealers as of yet in the New York area. Price range: $87-120 per sq ft.



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