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Attack of the Dome Homes

Attack of the Dome Homes published on 2 Comments on Attack of the Dome Homes


An old article on Hudson Valley Magazine lead me to singer Peggy Atwood’s site about her monolithic dome in the Catskills. She decided to have it built after nearly losing a house to a tornado in Tennessee and another near miss Upstate due to a forest fire.

Granted, all dome homes are awesome, but when I came across the Solaleya website, I knew I had discovered my latest obsession. These homes, which have the added plus of totally looking like a spaceship, actually rotate with the sun. Need I say more? THE HOUSE ROTATES WITH THE SUN!

Solaleya homes are made with FSC wood and are insulated with cork. They are earthquake and hurricane resistant and can be equipped with solar panels. Unless I’m reading the brochure wrong, prices don’t seem to be insane. For $64k, you can get a 420 square foot “guest room”. $ 834k will buy you a 6307 square foot home with 25 foot ceilings. Of course, options and land not included.

Although I’d love to see one of these under my Hannukah menorah this season, I still can’t overlook the fact that, as green as this is, it is still new construction.

Earth Shelter
Dome Home


Dear Sir,

I am pleased with your enthusiasm regarding our exceptional homes.
I came accross your comments through our analytical tools.

I do enjoy your perspective and as you pionted out, we put every effort to keep pricing as competitve as possible given the technology behind our patented arches.

To make you feel better about the new construction comment, i am eager to tell you that solaleya/domespace are celebrating their 20th anniversary building these magnificent homes around the globe.

So we may not be far from celebrating your next hanukah in your own solaleya/domespace home.


David Fanchon

PS: Solaleya is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Domespace homes.

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