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I’ve been combing through recently. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites.

Of course I must give a shout out to my top 3 faves whom I mention all the time:

I Love Upstate: Priced out of owning New York City real estate (on her terms). Follows the restoration of Greek Revival house built circa 1839 in upstate New York. She has trouble making design decisions and I like to f*ck with her by offering even more choices.

The Kitchen Designer: A Certified Kitchen Designer based on Long Island, Susan Serra knows her stuff. She’s always looking for fresh ideas and materials. I often refer to her blog for the latest info and cool retro designs. Susan offers phone or email consultations as well as design packages.

Howard Hall Farm: Ok, I just did a love fest write up on them the other day. Let’s not get nuts here.

And more…

Brooklyn Row House: The renovation of a 1906 Bay Ridge row house by a guy who really knows what he’s doing. Prior to this reno, he converted a couple of loft spaces in Manhattan. He won me over with his exceptional work and love of dogs, although I could kill him for ripping out that original dining room ceiling. In all fairness, he did replace it with an exact replica. Beautiful, but big no no for an eco-friendly preservationist.

Door Sixteen: From Brooklyn to Newburgh, fixing up an 1890’s Victorian rowhouse. She has a really nice design sense and often scavenges things to transform. But, oh, she had me at Morrissey!

Ok, that’s all for today, kids. If you want to see more, go to Houseblogs yourselves. I have to save something for another day.


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