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Beacon, NY: Artsy Fartsy, Crunchy Granola Paradise!

Beacon, NY: Artsy Fartsy, Crunchy Granola Paradise! published on 8 Comments on Beacon, NY: Artsy Fartsy, Crunchy Granola Paradise!


The “NY Times” recently described Beacon as “a quirky town that lures creative types many on limited budgets — who shy away from more conventional suburbs”. Indeed, the town that had been run down since the 1960’s is making a comeback as an artist’s haven. Beacon is now home to many galleries, a major modern art museum, antiques shops, yoga, pilates and new age centers, a wonderful health food store, cafes and some exceptional restaurants (although the town could use even more).


  • Homes in town are walkable to Main St, train and river.
  • The area is not lacking in culture. There is a vibrant art and music scene.
  • Most newcomers are looking to become part of the community.
  • Affordable housing stock
  • Hudson River, Mountains, Hiking
  • Commutable to NYC
  • Major highways right near town makes this easily accessible.


  • Although trains take an average of 1 hour, 15 minutes to get to GCT, they are 1 hour apart during off peak hours.
  • Tale of Two Cities: Natives and newcomers don’t often mingle.
  • Shop owners tend to keep whacky hours. Main St is dead on days DIA doesn’t open.
  • Most of the housing stock is very average. There are only a handful of extraordinary homes.

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Hey, I found your blog through Apartment Therapy this morning. I love your “about” story — you have very lucky pets! Beacon sounds like a very cool place to live – the description sound like Asheville, NC, where I went to college, kind of crunchy, big emphasis on the arts.

I haven’t had the pleasure of renovating a home yet, as I’m still just a renter, but your story is very inspiring. Can’t wait to read more about your reno adventures!

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